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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

To the mommies, have you heard of DIAPEX?

To the mommies, have you heard of DIAPEX?

hi there, To the mommies, have you heard of DIAPEX? just a mommy things ... mommies, what diapers brand do you buy for your little loved ones? ... when lil' Iman was born, we bought him the BAMBOO DIAPERS, it's a bit expensive depends what brand do you use, but it's kinda money savings too, however over time, mr.Husband and I choose to use disposable diapers like many moms do.

it's not that bamboo diapers are not good, but when lil' Iman grew up, the size of that bamboo diapers has become smaller and smaller and couldn't fit him anymore. and if you mommies are kind of busy women, I guess bamboo diapers is quite not a good choice *please no offence, just an opinion based on my experienced using the bamboo diapers*.

our first diapers was HUGGIES, and we were happy with this product. lil' Iman uses HUGGIES for two years, before we changed to DRYPERS. based on my experienced, HUGGIES and DRYPERS are on the same par / level, but DRYPERS has one extra point compared to HUGGIES, is that DRYPERS buyers can collect point and redeem it via online through DRYPERS official website. you can exchange the points with many choices of good toys and / or DRYPERS product.

however, after using DRYPERS for almost 2 years, it's either these lil' armies have so many pees, or the product itself has quality problem *exclude Drypers Drynights* , I have no idea, I'm a bit disappointed with the always-leaking-problem, thus we decided to change to other brand.

we are back to HUGGIES, and later mr.Husband said, eh, why don't we try other brand? banyak lagi brand lain kan, we try la satu satu, see which one is good .... so there we are, doing the diapers hunting .... we tried few products, and end up we prefer these three >>>> pet pet, mamypoko and diapex pants.

review diapex
review diapex

currently, I'll stick with DIAPEX wonder pants, however if this wonder pants out of stock, I'll buy either MAMYPOKO or PET PET... in terms of pricing, it's still affordable for us. and nowadays, lil' armies only using diapers at nite, thus it's kinda money-saving for us not to buy more diapers packs like yesteryear.

and lil' Iman is coming 4 years old now, so I'm thinking to train him for nite-diapers-free soon :))

review diapex
the above diapers is from Diapex,
and the other two below is Mamypoko

oh! why la me writing too much about this diapers things? hurmmmmmmmmmm .... it's either the kids is growing up now and soon will be no more buying diapers, or just pieces of experience as a mommy.

and I learned one two things about this DIAPERS matter :-

1/ it's ok to stick with your preference brand, but don't be too kiasu refuse to try other brand
2/ almost many diapers are just on the same par / level and end of the day all these will go inside your rubbish bin

mommies, have you heard of DIAPEX? what's your experience using this brand? share it here.

happy parenting, parents.


Monday, 27 February 2017

My simple DIY receipt box , everyone can do it too!

My simple DIY receipt box , everyone can do it too!

hi there,

do you keep your shopping receipt? and if yes, how do you manage all your receipt? tell me coz I need some good tips and tricks how to manage shopping receipts. LOL

every time mr.Husband done his shopping (all kind of shopping and buying things ya), he will always always asked me "where to put this receipt?" .... and I will always always telling him to put "here", pointing at our working table, or pointing at our kitchen cabinet, or pointing at our wardrobe , it means put the receipt here and there la ....

and one fine sunny day, mr.Husband said, "why don't you prepare one box for all these receipts and later when you have time, you can collect properly arrange it and put in the proper file for easy tracking / checking?"

ok, that's a good idea of him.

I just need to provide a box to put the receipt.

any box will do.

I'm not just a bad-cook, but also a terrible arts person. when it comes to arts / crafts, I'm one of those who has no potential to become a good artist. my arts sucks.

but still I will give a try to do it. I find a nice box inside the house, it's lil' Iman's shoe box, it'a quite thick, suit to make the receipt box. So I get my stationery and start doing it.

I removed the box upper cover, then get the extra gift wrapper and wrap the box neatly using double tape.

and later I get my extra ribbon to beautify my receipt box. I circled it around the box using double tape, if you have no ribbon, you can use other things that suit your taste, or just leave the box without any extra accessories to beautify it.

and get my CRAYOLA marker (works well on dark paper, it's like a magic pen) and a sheet of black paper. cut the black paper to the desire shape as a tag, and write the box label.

this CRAYOLA things, I bought from MYSALE.COM long time ago, but never use it. I bought together with the kids' crayon and glass pen. the price cheaper than buying in store (Toys' r Us sell this brand in Imago,KK)

so, that's it.

just a simple DIY receipt box.

I put the box near our working table so it's easy for mr.Husband to spot this box, and now each time he has shopping receipt, he straightaway drop it inside the box.

this thing settled. fuh.

apart of that receipt box, I relocate our computer / working table to another corner of the house, and re-arrange the position of the printer and the shelves (the one hiding under the printer, LOL) and at the moment, I am satisfied with this relocation and re-arrangement.

and I can blogged peacefully when everything organized. we share one table with mr.Husband, so we take turn to use this table, each of us have our own laptop, but the table can't fit for 2 people :((

mini series of house renovation work still in progress, we have limited space to plug our laptop in the house, and this corner is the best coz we have 5 extra plugs for the cable.

there goes my receipt box .... sitting nicely next to the printer.

have a nice day everyone.


Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Saturday Little Market, Tamu Bongawan

The Saturday Little Market, Tamu Bongawan

hi there,

do you love go to flea market or what people here called as 'TAMU'? one nice thing why mrs pip enjoy to go to tamu is about meeting local people selling local product that you can buy only during tamu with a cheaper price than the normal day. :)))

last week, we went to Tamu Bongawan.

Bongawan is a very small town, about 70KM from Kota Kinabalu, and located within the parliamentary constituency of Kimanis, a town that is adjacent with Membakut.

how small is Bongawan? driving less than 30 minutes to tawaf the town, that's it. and one good thing I love about Bongawan, if you a kind of person who only eat fresh fish, they have fish market, and the fish is real fresh! fresh from their sea.

it was Saturday, they have the weekend tamu here every week on Saturday, hurmmm quite hard to get the parking lot.

we reached here a bit late, almost noon when some of the seller started packing their things to go home. the tamu here end in the afternoon.

I wanted to buy a nice printed shawl from this stall, but the seller was not around ... hurmmmm

was carrying lil' Amin

and at another stall, I was looking for anak tudung. this stall selling many types of tudung / shawl but when I asked whether they have shawl dua muka or not, they have none. hurmmmm, another disappointed feeling ... why la on my birthday, people don't sell things that I want to buy? erk ...

at another section, local people were selling local agricultural products, and I guess they plucked all these from their own farm .... and what I like about these, they sell it quite cheap during tamu .... jimat duit si surirumah ....



giant ubi kayu 

 they called this ubi keladi aiskrim
the left stack cost RM10.00
the right stack cost RM15.00 
we bought the fifteen ringgit one 

local products

halia kampung

the almost empty basket

udang kering and ikan bilis anyone?

need fresh prawn?
we bought this for our steamboat dinner later that night

and lil' Iman insists us to stay at this stall to see the fish
he kept saying "wah, big fish, big fish"
and he even wanted to touch the fish
oh anak! you such a fish lover T_T

looking for a brooch anyone?

that rattan basket is the best when you are having picnic, 
all food will go in T_T

beautiful colored cool drink
anyone thirsty?

after spending about 40 minutes in the tamu, we only bought the fresh prawn and the ubi keladi aiskrim .... and three pieces of anak tudung... we still want to take our time around tamu, but it was almost noon, and many seller started packing their things, ready to go home.

goodbye Tamu Bongawan, will come back here again nextime.\


Saturday, 25 February 2017

On my 38th Birthday ...

On my 38th Birthday ...

hi there,

I just turn 38th years old last Saturday. Alhamdulillah, another year older, hoping another step wiser. and hope more health for me. and to age gracefully ;) ....  I'm getting older and older each and every year. but hey who doesn't, right?

between mr.Husband and I, we always talk straightforward, we always failed when it comes to SURPRISE things, so better NOT. this year, I told mr.Husband not to host any birthday party for me, just a simple dinner for me and him.

I even told him that I really want to have steamboat dinner. since we have the steamboat set, so he just need to buy dish for our steamboat. and since I just started my diet things, so I request NO BIRTHDAY CAKE *sigh sigh sigh >>> I'm a cake lover,  but have to kentalkan hati*

mr.Husband, you are the best!

that nite, I put the kids to sleep. I told myself 30 minutes will be ok, the kids will fall asleep, and we can have dinner together, kunun la ... but guess what, the birthday girl tertidur sama with the kids! woke up at 10pm, and saw mr.Husband busy in the kitchen.

just the two of us :)
wah ..... hati berbunga bunga when I saw him setting up our steamboat dinner. and he listened me very well >>>> 1/ just a simple steamboat 2/ no cake allowed ..... LOL. and sorry mr.Husband for making you waiting too long to have dinner that nite.

 just a small table perfect for two
just a small table , for you and I .... seriously, we have no proper dining table yet. we intend to buy a new table, but later we thought, hey why don't we make our own table ... and that building a new table is in our upcoming home project. stay tune for it.

our simple steamboat and grille dish
fresh prawn, broccoli, frozen fish ball, frozen squid, frozen vege dumplings, mushroom
and yes with noodles too 
babes, do you know why I insist to have steamboat dinner? we have balcony and it's facing our little garden. fine, dinner at nite, and that little garden is out of our sight when come darkness, but don't you feel it's kinda romantic to have dinner at the balcony with just a dime light? the two of you and your partner? with a nice nite wind breeze?

so, that's the plan ... the romantic steamboat birthday dinner for two!

bon appetit

but that nite, it was raining like cats and dogs! .... and there is no way for us to put our steamboat table outside at the balcony, we'll get the splash and splosh of rain water! we end up having nice dinner in our little kitchen.

plan kunun mau beromantika dinner , tapi hujan la pulak! 

however, we still enjoyed the dinner, though not as what it was planned before, but still, TWO BIG FAT OLD COUPLE enjoyed the steamboat very well! and we even have RIBENA after that.

to end our sweet-together-steamboat-birthday-dinner, came the CHOCOLATE! you said you don't want any cake because you are on diet, but a bar of chocolate? I'm a person who can't live without cake or chocolate. it's irresistible ... LOL.

and earlier on that day, after finished our breakfast, we took the kids out, together with MIL, since MIL has nothing to do on that day.

we went to Tamu Bongawan first to buy some local food. not spending too much time for the tamu, we went to Beaufort for our lunch. and the lunch was on me.

for lunch, we choose the RESTORAN SUP IKAN SEGAR in Beaufort... and I hope the sup ikan will be really segar and tasty too... mr.Husband and MIL choose the same menu, sup ikan merah + rice, the kids eat mi goreng, and I picked udang masak butter kering + rice ...

the score for the menu that we ordered >>>> I give 3.5/5 ....

Pip's little family
taken on my 38th birthday
and earlier on that day, before we went to Tamu Bongawan, we snapped photos to remark my 38th Birthday ... wrinkles wrinkles here it comes!


Friday, 24 February 2017

It turns two (2) .... happy 2nd blog-versary

It turns two (2) .... happy 2nd blog-versary

hi there,

this is my second year of blogging. this blog is my platform to write my random posts, thoughts, family matters, my life as a housewife (but not too much sharing at the moment except my some online shopping stuff and my simple-easy-peasy recipe).

this year I hope I can be more active in my writing, sharing some good ideas & entries for the readers to read, and hope I can spend more time on blogwalking to say hi to the other bloggers, and make a good connection with them and hope we can be friends, right?.

I'm kinda new, so there are many things I have to learn about the world of blogging. and I hope I can blog for the next 10 years, insya allah.

and for this my 2nd year blog-versary, I put few target for my blog so that I will have focus for blogging. and yes, I plan to make some GIVEAWAY soon, and will make an entry about that next month, Insya Allah.

- a happy blog is when you write what you love and it satisfies your heart -

thanks for visiting here, and feel free to leave your comment, and leave your link as well, so that I will visit you back.


Thursday, 23 February 2017

As an early riser, as what I promised to myself!

As an early riser, as what I promised to myself!

hi there,

can you see the fogs? I keep the promise that I made to myself recently, and I even wrote it in my recent post, pledging to myself.

it wasn't hard to do it once you set your goal and an effort to make it happen, really. nowadays, I wake up early, and hey, all these while I told mr.Husband I need to lose some weight, so let's go jogging, but it doesn't happen.

after I put a BIG effort to be an early riser, not only I wake up early, but I manage to go jogging in the early dawn, and reflecting to all those excuses that I told myself previously was just a LAME!

oh dear, the early dawn air breeze were just so refreshing. my very 1st time JOGGING, we jogged from 5.20am in the neighborhood, and reached home at 6.20am. but later we jogged even more early around 4.30am till 5.10am. that 40 minutes jogged is what I needed to stay more healthy this year, hopefully, Insya Allah.

enjoy the morning view in our neighborhood

enjoy the view

with my jogging partner, sister-in-law


if you have a good plan, and really want to make it happen, get courage and make it happen. never procrastinate, and never give so much LAME EXCUSES to yourself.

yes you can do it!


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