My simple DIY receipt box , everyone can do it too!

hi there,

do you keep your shopping receipt? and if yes, how do you manage all your receipt? tell me coz I need some good tips and tricks how to manage shopping receipts. LOL

every time mr.Husband done his shopping (all kind of shopping and buying things ya), he will always always asked me "where to put this receipt?" .... and I will always always telling him to put "here", pointing at our working table, or pointing at our kitchen cabinet, or pointing at our wardrobe , it means put the receipt here and there la ....

and one fine sunny day, mr.Husband said, "why don't you prepare one box for all these receipts and later when you have time, you can collect properly arrange it and put in the proper file for easy tracking / checking?"

ok, that's a good idea of him.

I just need to provide a box to put the receipt.

any box will do.

I'm not just a bad-cook, but also a terrible arts person. when it comes to arts / crafts, I'm one of those who has no potential to become a good artist. my arts sucks.

but still I will give a try to do it. I find a nice box inside the house, it's lil' Iman's shoe box, it'a quite thick, suit to make the receipt box. So I get my stationery and start doing it.

I removed the box upper cover, then get the extra gift wrapper and wrap the box neatly using double tape.

and later I get my extra ribbon to beautify my receipt box. I circled it around the box using double tape, if you have no ribbon, you can use other things that suit your taste, or just leave the box without any extra accessories to beautify it.

and get my CRAYOLA marker (works well on dark paper, it's like a magic pen) and a sheet of black paper. cut the black paper to the desire shape as a tag, and write the box label.

this CRAYOLA things, I bought from MYSALE.COM long time ago, but never use it. I bought together with the kids' crayon and glass pen. the price cheaper than buying in store (Toys' r Us sell this brand in Imago,KK)

so, that's it.

just a simple DIY receipt box.

I put the box near our working table so it's easy for mr.Husband to spot this box, and now each time he has shopping receipt, he straightaway drop it inside the box.

this thing settled. fuh.

apart of that receipt box, I relocate our computer / working table to another corner of the house, and re-arrange the position of the printer and the shelves (the one hiding under the printer, LOL) and at the moment, I am satisfied with this relocation and re-arrangement.

and I can blogged peacefully when everything organized. we share one table with mr.Husband, so we take turn to use this table, each of us have our own laptop, but the table can't fit for 2 people :((

mini series of house renovation work still in progress, we have limited space to plug our laptop in the house, and this corner is the best coz we have 5 extra plugs for the cable.

there goes my receipt box .... sitting nicely next to the printer.

have a nice day everyone.


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