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Please find my media kit (Data for the blog from Jan 2021-Dec2021) 
updated as on 18/1/2022

About Me

I am Emphi Yap, from Sabah, Malaysia, ex-QAQC engineer turned stay at home mom, a blogger and an article writer.

Blogging since 2014 using my preferred online name called Mrs Pip, writing about my kids and personal life.

And as I discover blogging and make connections with other bloggers across the country, eventually my blog now is where I provide written article for clients, product reviews, ambassadorships, outreach campaign and collaborations.

Currently, I am engaged as a partnered writer with, and at the same time I am still looking for any open job opportunity as a freelance writer to widen and enhanced my writing skill and gaining more experiences to be a skilled writer.

I wish to travel around the globe, meeting new people, get connected, tell stories to others, share opinions and thoughts, and to experience to live like locals.

Services Offered

Any job related to

  • sponsored guest post
  • paid media press release
  • product reviews
  • social media campaigns and promotions
  • freelance writer,
  • ghostwriting,
  • outreach campaigns,
  • sidebar ads
  • and any blogging/influencer related job.

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Blog Google Analytics (update 18th January, 2022)

Blog DA : 20
9,600 average page views per month
6,600 average unique visitors per month
6 minimum new articles per month
All articles written and produced by Mrs Pip

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Works / Collaboration

Previous works with the Brands for paid article write-up, product review, ambassadorship, collaboration, backlink :

Traveloka, Richworks, Food Panda, UK Intelligence, Plays.Org, IDW Design, Friso, Go Get Space, Althea, Butterfly Malaysia, Ecostore, Hansaegee Nature, Jamumall, Lovingly Signed, Raph & Remy, Little Flower Hut, Shapee, The AsianParent, Yoodoo, Elephant Stock, Meta Trader, Printcious, Lazada, Bite Media Consultant, Afy Haniff, Custom.My, Sushivid

Current Writing Job (Ending July 2022)

Partnered writer with Newswav.Com
4 new articles per month
Link Account & Published Articles :

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