The Saturday Little Market, Tamu Bongawan

hi there,

do you love go to flea market or what people here called as 'TAMU'? one nice thing why mrs pip enjoy to go to tamu is about meeting local people selling local product that you can buy only during tamu with a cheaper price than the normal day. :)))

last week, we went to Tamu Bongawan.

Bongawan is a very small town, about 70KM from Kota Kinabalu, and located within the parliamentary constituency of Kimanis, a town that is adjacent with Membakut.

how small is Bongawan? driving less than 30 minutes to tawaf the town, that's it. and one good thing I love about Bongawan, if you a kind of person who only eat fresh fish, they have fish market, and the fish is real fresh! fresh from their sea.

it was Saturday, they have the weekend tamu here every week on Saturday, hurmmm quite hard to get the parking lot.

we reached here a bit late, almost noon when some of the seller started packing their things to go home. the tamu here end in the afternoon.

I wanted to buy a nice printed shawl from this stall, but the seller was not around ... hurmmmm

was carrying lil' Amin

and at another stall, I was looking for anak tudung. this stall selling many types of tudung / shawl but when I asked whether they have shawl dua muka or not, they have none. hurmmmm, another disappointed feeling ... why la on my birthday, people don't sell things that I want to buy? erk ...

at another section, local people were selling local agricultural products, and I guess they plucked all these from their own farm .... and what I like about these, they sell it quite cheap during tamu .... jimat duit si surirumah ....



giant ubi kayu 

 they called this ubi keladi aiskrim
the left stack cost RM10.00
the right stack cost RM15.00 
we bought the fifteen ringgit one 

local products

halia kampung

the almost empty basket

udang kering and ikan bilis anyone?

need fresh prawn?
we bought this for our steamboat dinner later that night

and lil' Iman insists us to stay at this stall to see the fish
he kept saying "wah, big fish, big fish"
and he even wanted to touch the fish
oh anak! you such a fish lover T_T

looking for a brooch anyone?

that rattan basket is the best when you are having picnic, 
all food will go in T_T

beautiful colored cool drink
anyone thirsty?

after spending about 40 minutes in the tamu, we only bought the fresh prawn and the ubi keladi aiskrim .... and three pieces of anak tudung... we still want to take our time around tamu, but it was almost noon, and many seller started packing their things, ready to go home.

goodbye Tamu Bongawan, will come back here again nextime.\


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