To the mommies, have you heard of DIAPEX?

hi there, To the mommies, have you heard of DIAPEX? just a mommy things ... mommies, what diapers brand do you buy for your little loved ones? ... when lil' Iman was born, we bought him the BAMBOO DIAPERS, it's a bit expensive depends what brand do you use, but it's kinda money savings too, however over time, mr.Husband and I choose to use disposable diapers like many moms do.

it's not that bamboo diapers are not good, but when lil' Iman grew up, the size of that bamboo diapers has become smaller and smaller and couldn't fit him anymore. and if you mommies are kind of busy women, I guess bamboo diapers is quite not a good choice *please no offence, just an opinion based on my experienced using the bamboo diapers*.

our first diapers was HUGGIES, and we were happy with this product. lil' Iman uses HUGGIES for two years, before we changed to DRYPERS. based on my experienced, HUGGIES and DRYPERS are on the same par / level, but DRYPERS has one extra point compared to HUGGIES, is that DRYPERS buyers can collect point and redeem it via online through DRYPERS official website. you can exchange the points with many choices of good toys and / or DRYPERS product.

however, after using DRYPERS for almost 2 years, it's either these lil' armies have so many pees, or the product itself has quality problem *exclude Drypers Drynights* , I have no idea, I'm a bit disappointed with the always-leaking-problem, thus we decided to change to other brand.

we are back to HUGGIES, and later mr.Husband said, eh, why don't we try other brand? banyak lagi brand lain kan, we try la satu satu, see which one is good .... so there we are, doing the diapers hunting .... we tried few products, and end up we prefer these three >>>> pet pet, mamypoko and diapex pants.

review diapex
review diapex

currently, I'll stick with DIAPEX wonder pants, however if this wonder pants out of stock, I'll buy either MAMYPOKO or PET PET... in terms of pricing, it's still affordable for us. and nowadays, lil' armies only using diapers at nite, thus it's kinda money-saving for us not to buy more diapers packs like yesteryear.

and lil' Iman is coming 4 years old now, so I'm thinking to train him for nite-diapers-free soon :))

review diapex
the above diapers is from Diapex,
and the other two below is Mamypoko

oh! why la me writing too much about this diapers things? hurmmmmmmmmmm .... it's either the kids is growing up now and soon will be no more buying diapers, or just pieces of experience as a mommy.

and I learned one two things about this DIAPERS matter :-

1/ it's ok to stick with your preference brand, but don't be too kiasu refuse to try other brand
2/ almost many diapers are just on the same par / level and end of the day all these will go inside your rubbish bin

mommies, have you heard of DIAPEX? what's your experience using this brand? share it here.

happy parenting, parents.


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  1. Hello Mrs. Pip. My son is currently using Diapex Easy and Diapex Premium. Got to know this brand from Lazada where I'm hunting for a free postage diapers to Sabah besides Huggies which I don't prefer because it is thin and leak. I tried and my son ngam with it. I use tape currently as my son is 7 month old now. My son actually ngam with any diaper as I Change his diaper brand frequent depending on what is free postage to Sabah. I used to buy 1 box diapers for him.

    1. My 3rd son now is 8 mths, and lucky he can use any brand too ... hari tu beli genki free postage di lazada, so once habis stok gonna buy again whatever diapers yg harga ok .. Hehe.


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