As an early riser, as what I promised to myself!

hi there,

can you see the fogs? I keep the promise that I made to myself recently, and I even wrote it in my recent post, pledging to myself.

it wasn't hard to do it once you set your goal and an effort to make it happen, really. nowadays, I wake up early, and hey, all these while I told mr.Husband I need to lose some weight, so let's go jogging, but it doesn't happen.

after I put a BIG effort to be an early riser, not only I wake up early, but I manage to go jogging in the early dawn, and reflecting to all those excuses that I told myself previously was just a LAME!

oh dear, the early dawn air breeze were just so refreshing. my very 1st time JOGGING, we jogged from 5.20am in the neighborhood, and reached home at 6.20am. but later we jogged even more early around 4.30am till 5.10am. that 40 minutes jogged is what I needed to stay more healthy this year, hopefully, Insya Allah.

enjoy the morning view in our neighborhood

enjoy the view

with my jogging partner, sister-in-law


if you have a good plan, and really want to make it happen, get courage and make it happen. never procrastinate, and never give so much LAME EXCUSES to yourself.

yes you can do it!



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