It turns two (2) .... happy 2nd blog-versary

hi there,

this is my second year of blogging. this blog is my platform to write my random posts, thoughts, family matters, my life as a housewife (but not too much sharing at the moment except my some online shopping stuff and my simple-easy-peasy recipe).

It turns two (2) .... happy 2nd blog-versary

this year I hope I can be more active in my writing, sharing some good ideas & entries for the readers to read, and hope I can spend more time on blogwalking to say hi to the other bloggers, and make a good connection with them and hope we can be friends, right?.

I'm kinda new, so there are many things I have to learn about the world of blogging. and I hope I can blog for the next 10 years, insya allah.

and for this my 2nd year blog-versary, I put few target for my blog so that I will have focus for blogging. and yes, I plan to make some GIVEAWAY soon, and will make an entry about that next month, Insya Allah.

It turns two (2) .... happy 2nd blog-versary

- a happy blog is when you write what you love and it satisfies your heart -

thanks for visiting here, and feel free to leave your comment, and leave your link as well, so that I will visit you back.



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