Al-Fatihah || Taking My Time To Move On


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This year is not a good year for me.

I lost a man I called BAPA.

I struggled and still struggle.

Move on is not easy.

Facing the fact, and accepting it is one of the difficult thing for me.

It hurts me somewhere.

I am trying to move on.

It takes time.

Slowly but surely.

It is almost six months since you left us without a word.

And how I wished at least you woke up from your long 16 days of sleep, at least a day, one day, to see us before you closed your eyes forever.

At least one day, or one hour, or at least just a few seconds.

At least Pa.

In the loving memory of my late Bapa,

Al-Fatihah Haji Yap Haji Muis

12.12.1951 - 27.06.2020

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  1. Memahami perasaan terkilan tu..tapi semua ada hikmahnya. in sha Allah.. stay strong sis

  2. def can feel u sis. i lost my father at young age..

    salam takziah. semoga rohnya ditempatkan disisi orang2 beriman.. amin


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