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Gentle Parenting: Building A Good Relationship With Kids

Gentle Parenting: Building A Good Relationship With Kids. hello mommies. So the other day I shared my parenting stories about me, being an Angry Mama, and how I find ways to cope with the parenting problem.

Just in case you are interested to read my stories about Gentle Parenting : How Not To Be an Angry Mama, kindly click the bold underlined title to read the articles (it was written in Malay, I guess it is ok since mostly my readers are local Malaysian, speak and read BM very well, right?). 

But just in case you need to translate the article, kindly use any translator website / apps or Translate Google.

Gentle Parenting : Building A Good Relationship With Kids

There are still a lot of parenting knowledge that I want to learn, so that I could understand my kids well. 

I want to build a good relationship with my kids. 

I want them to know that mommy is always here for them. 

I want them to feel comfortable when communicate with me, and the most important thing is I want them to believe that I am a trusted person for them, so that they could tell me anything they want to without any hesitation.

I wish I could be a good mom to my kids. 

My definition of the good mom is not only the mom is taking care for their kids, but more than that. 

The mom who is always in the picture of their kids, always stay in the heart of their kids as a very special person.

A good mom who is always become a place of references by their kids. 

And to be a trusted person for my kids. 

I want to be that kind of mom.

Building A Good Relationship With Kids

But before that, I need to have a good relationship with my kids. 

I need to build that relationship. 

Let's do the construction for life between mom and kids.

Here is among  10 things building a good relationship with kids. 

  • Chat with them about subject that not related with school thingy - how about talking with the kids what they want to eat for dinner, their favorite friends, what kind of sports do they like, or what they want to do later in evening (maybe do some gardening?)

  • Learn about their interests, let them explain / teach you - My kids Iman and Amin, both of them love to draw. They draw anything in their mind. I am ok. They will explain to me the story of the drawing. I'll listen and show interest, so that is one of they way we stay connected and build the good relationship. Be a good listener, mommy.

  • Remember things about their lives - Of course mothers will remember things about their kids lives, right? Such as birthday. I celebrate my kids birthday every year, each of them. I do not throw any big party (we could not afford it). But yes, we celebrate their birthday with our own way. We create memories. 

  • Tell them about your life stories - So, do you tell stories about your life to your kids? Ok, here and there. Patching this and that lah. But the naughty part of my life, let it be my secret forever. *giggles* :))

  • Join activities with them - Watching cartoon or their favorite movie together with the kids is part or joining activities. Simple things, right? And let them talk what's the cartoon all about. I love to hear their stories. 

  • Tell them funny stories - I am not a funny person. Hard for me to tell them any funny stories. Hurm. Should I create a funny story for my kids?

  • Inspire them with your life stories - I do tell the kids about one or two good stories about me hoping to inspire them. When we visited the university where I studied before, and tell them it was my school, nahhhh the kids thought I was making a story! "Mommy, how come your school is too big?"..."Are you really go to school mommy?" ... "Mommy only stay at home, never go to school.." ... aiyo, my kids ...

  • Do crazy things - Let me think what kind of crazy things I want to do with my kids. Maybe not now. Let them grow a bit big, and maybe I'll do crazy things with them such as ...... (please give me an idea, thanks you in advance) ...

  • Include things that they like / interest when teaching them - My kids love to hear stories about sharks, dinosaurs, fish, or wild animals like crocodiles, lions, snakes. Any related animal stories always catch their eyes and ears to listen. So, not too difficult to include things that they like whenever teaching them. 

  • Apologize when you are wrong or mess up - Woha! This is a must thing to do in our little family. Whenever you do wrong, please say I am sorry, otherwise the kids will get disappointed with us. Even if you fart or burp, please say sorry especially to our Amin. He is like our head prefect in  the house. 

So mommies, do you have any other ideas how to build a good relationship with kids? 

Share your ideas / thoughts. 

Happy Parenting.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Bila kita kenal anak kita, banyak luangkan masa dengan diaorang, anak2 susah nak berahsia dengan kita.

    Apa saja diaorang akan cerita.Kita tak payah dah nak curi2 baca diary dia, curi2 buka phone dia sebab kita dah tahu semuanya. semua dia akan cari kita mak ayah untuk bercerita.

    1. anak2 memang suka cerita macam2 , kita jadi pendengar setia . boleh tambah bonding dgn anak2 juga kan.

  2. Tak tahu nak komen apa kak. belum ada pengalaman.
    Cuma boleh cakap bonding mak dan anak ni penting dari sejak kecil. Faham dan saling berkongsi cerita eratkan hubungan.

    1. setuju. memang akan eratkan hubungan mak dan anak bila kita slaing berkongsi cerita dgn mereka.


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