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Tips On How To Understand Your Kids

hi parents, just want to share some good information that I found through my online reading about what do our kids want from us. We sometimes having difficulties to understand our kids not because we do not understand them, but maybe because we just lack of information or knowledge how to read their mind to know them better.

So here is the 11 things kids want from parents. Just a guideline (in my opinion) for us to use so that we can reach out children's heart more better than before (some of us have no ideas what's our kids want especially when they get cranky easily out of nowhere).

tips on how to understand your kids

Tips On How To Understand Your Kids

1. Showing is better than telling - I learn by watching you

2. Love me - Give me hugs and kisses. You can't spoil me with those

3. Kind and firm discipline - My brain is still developing and so I am slow in learning. But I do want to learn, if you patiently and kindly teach me.

4. Be my safe haven - Always be here for me no matter what.

5. Talk with me - Don't just talk to me.

6. Hear me - Sometimes I just want to be heard without judgement or lecture.

7. Accept who I am - Don't constantly compare me to other kids.

8. Let me play outside a lot.

9. Give me food that is nutritious and yummy

10. Trust me - Let me make my own decisions on non-safety health related things. I couldn't learn to walk without falling. I can't learn to make good decisions without making bad ones.

11. Encourage me - Your praise means so much to me.

So, between all these 11 things, the #6 is my biggest failure as a mom! I always lecture my kids, and sometimes Iman told me "mommy, can you just stop saying things to me? Just listen to me, mommy without saying anything" ...

Well, I still have a lot of things to do to improve my parenting skills, but I do believe I am not a perfect mom but there is always million ways to be a good mom T_T.

How about you parents, which one is your biggest failure when it comes how to understand your kids?

>>> Having kids are not easy. It is a tough job in motherhood land. And kindly read things to do before your baby arrives - what's the preparation. 

happy parenting.

hugs and kisses, xoxo.

source : Pinterest.

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  1. jauh lagi ni perjalanan ni.. T^T

  2. tq.. sebagai peringatan utk mama

    1. semoga perkongsian bermanfaat utk kita semua ya mamapp.


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