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My 5 most POPULAR entries in 2017

hi there, so 2017 has gone, leaving a bittersweet memories in our lives. just hoping you all are having a great day and stay positive always. when I start writing (actively) in my blog last year, never came across my mind that this blog manage to go far from what I am thinking. I am thankful to all readers and other bloggers who come and visiting me here, and shared a lot of tips, tutorials, stories, and left nice and warm comments here, I am really thankful for that. 

and also many thanks to those who pick me as the lucky winner for your GA / contest / blog segment / lucky commentator , etc , it is like a reward to myself and all the gifts received are truly awesome.

for this 2018, I hope this blog can grow a bit bigger than last year, and hope to write more beneficial content to everyone ....

My 5 most POPULAR entries in 2017
My 5 most POPULAR entries in 2017

so, I list here my 5 most popular entries throughout the year of 2017, and hope the entries; it helps for some of you ....

Cara senang tanak nasi pulut

Peraduan 'Local Travel Story' di Traveloka (17 April - 5 Mei 2017)

thanks for reading everyone.

have a nice weekend.


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  1. Waahhh peningkatan yg baik :)
    Keep on blogging Kak ~

  2. keep good work on blogging mrs pip & share good info with readers.. ;)


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