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Blog make-over by Sis Hawa

hi there,

after managed to own 'signature name' for my blog >>> www.mrspip.com <<< I guessed I need a new blog makeover *sigh*, new name new face , aiseh need to re-branding the blog also ma ...

I just get my blog makeover last raya aidilfitri few months ago, and now here I am asking for another blog makeover ....

this time, I need to have what I called 'catchy look' for my blog; feminine, clean, easy to browse, friendly, and responsive ... and I put the trust asking sishawa to design my blog. I gave her my blog concept, and let her do almost all the makeover (put your trust with your designer unless you can design by yourself, huh!)

Blog make-over by Sis Hawa
new header

Blog make-over by Sis Hawa

I have a new header. for me, header plays an important role of the blog. it's like a WELCOME signboard for the readers to know the blog writer. 1st impression lor ... if last time, the word CERITA CINTA SURIRUMAH was highlighted, but with a new domain name, the word MRS PIP suits the blog very well (in my mind la) ... don't you?

eh, why 'A sea lover?' ... I love sea a lot, I love go to the beach, strolling by the sea shore, swimming, snorkeling, and I even end up taking a diving license .. yeah! I'm a beach girls ... I'm not diving these days, have to wait my kids grow up a bit before we can go back to the sea once again T_T I asked Awa to get a swimming dolphins for my header, and here she is giving me what I want. Thanks Awa for this beautiful header.

Blog make-over by Sis Hawa
lovely new footer

Blog make-over by Sis Hawa

Awa put light blue as my background to suit with the 'sea theme' for this makeover, and some pastel color for the sidebar matching with the menu bar as well ... and yes, I love the footer as much as I love the header.
which one better?
old footer, new footer?

other than that, I asked Awa to put the social media button and link it to my social media account. and she came with a beautiful social media button. yeah! really happy with the button. stay connected with me thru FB, IG, Twitter and G+ ... just click the button, and follow me , and I will follow you back, insya allah ....

p/s: the domain name, I purchased it at NetKL, but Awa was the one who get it for me. so next time if you need help to get you your own domain and blog makeover services, get Awa to do it, you will be happy with her services. to get Awa, you can always visit her lovely blog at WWW.SISHAWA.COM

to see my previous blog makeover by Awa, you can check it out here >>> 1st blog makeover by Awa <<< If you want Awa to makeover your blog, please be patient aaaa, she has long list to go before she can serve you, tapi ada aku kesah, aku nak juga Awa yang buat blog aku kan, jadi tunggu sahaja penuh kesabaran sehingga sampai giliran, muehehe.

Awa, thanks for makeover my blog beautifully. and thanks for helping me to get my domain. you are friendly and easy to work with, and thumbs up for giving a good services at affordable price. luv you dear! 

thanks for reading, xoxo ...

Happy blogging everyone.


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  1. Touchinggg pula bila baca ni MrsPip... sob sob.. tima kasih sgt2 sbb sudi gunakan khidmat Awa dr dulu sampai sekarang... luv u always

  2. menarik...dulu blog saya ada header sendiri cuma sekarang tiada beberapa lama insyaallah sedikit masa nak buat header semula

  3. gee pun khidmat Sis Hawa..Tak pernah tak cantik dia design..lawaaaa design baru blog mrs pip..nampak lebih fresh!

  4. wah! cantik dah blog MrsPip :)


  5. Bagi saya header yang baru nie lagi cantik tapi saya suka kedua-dua header sis.. Anyway, sis Hawa memang pandai design blog dan satu hari nanti saya akan mintak bantuan dia untuk design blog saya.. =)

  6. blog IQ pun diedit oleh sis hawa. =)


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