Where Can You Buy Insurance For Your Office In Malaysia

Businesses need to be protected against workplace accidents because accidents can happen at any time. Business owners should have insurance coverage to cover all of the risks associated with their business to avoid leaving themselves vulnerable. Having the wrong types of insurance can be the same as not having any insurance at all, leaving businesses without protection against many kinds of disasters. However, how do you find office insurance in Malaysia that is reliable? Let's define what office insurance is and how it benefits you.

insurance for your office in malaysia

What Is Office Insurance?

A business office insurance policy covers the premises, computer equipment, stock, and documents of a company and public and employer's liability. An office building policy can cover:

  • Construction costs for a new office.

  • Risks that you need to cover such thunderstorms, flooding, and fire.

Furthermore, there is a cover for accidental damage. The following items are under the coverage of Office Contents Insurance:

  • Furniture for the office,

  • Fittings and fixtures,

  • Computer equipment (in the office or out)

Most office insurance policies include employer's liability and public liability cover as standard and coverage for computer equipment and office furniture up to a limit that you specify. An office insurance policy can include additional benefits, such as business interruption, book debts, loss of documents, and legal expense coverage. Once you have all, everything else is a matter of your business, your preferences, and of course, your budget.

Is Office Insurance Necessary?

Businesses that operate out of the commercial property are within the office insurance, and they design specialized policies to protect the risks of your specific industry. The basic types of coverage discussed above are standard and legal requirements across all offices, and all of them have premises, products or services, and customers. By doing so, you can build the essential elements of your policy quite quickly.

Where Can You Get The Best Office Insurance In Malaysia?

If you need insurance for your business, Fincrew Insurance is the best choice in Malaysia. Our team chose Fincrew as the best overall business insurance provider because it offers multiple types of coverage through a nationwide network of insurance providers. You can build a custom insurance plan with this company, whether you need property and vehicle insurance for your business or just general liability. 

Fincrew provides affordable coverage for your office contents (premises-only) and electronic equipment (globally). This policy covers all unfortunate and accidental events, includes a reinstatement value clause, and covers electronic appliances 24 hours a day, seven days a week, worldwide. Additionally, the policy has zero excess; you will not bear any amount of the loss when claim payment is issued.

Give your home and business assets the protection it needs! Fincrew office all risk insurance can be the best protection you can get your property against financial losses. Whether your assets get damaged through an unexpected third party, fire, or theft, this policy can significantly minimize how much you have to spend to recover everything.


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  4. Agree Kak Pip. Looking at the huge cost to setup an office, business owner should consider insurance coverage for their properties.

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