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The Best Weight Loss Tea(s)

The Best Weight Loss Teas

It's been more than 2 weeks now I am stuck with green tea, twice a day and no sugar.

One hot cup during breakfast, and one hot cup for my evening tea time.

And I tried no sugar for ginger tea before, and I like it too.

Cinnamon is good, but I never experience to drink the cinnamon tea. Maybe I should get cinnamon powder to mix with my tea.

Between ginger tea, cinnamon tea and green tea, which one is your favorite?

I love green tea a lot. It does not taste quite good but green tea helps controlling my sugar craving (that's what I observed after taking green tea for more than 2 weeks now).
The Best Weight Loss Tea
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  • Ginger tea 

Ginger tea increases the hydration levels in the body, hence eliminating all the toxins which consequently result in weight reduction.

  • Cinnamon tea

People usually use honey and cinnamon to add together in the tea to make the cinnamon tea. Cinnamon target the belly fats as it has antioxidants that increase in metabolism and eventually result in reducing weight. 

  • Green tea

The caffeine is a stimulant that burns the fats speedily and also invigorates the body. The extensive range of antioxidants such as catechins also burns fat and boost metabolism.

Is green tea can help in losing weight? Or how does green tea help you lose weight?

There are a lot of trusted articles for you to do your research about green tea. Green tea true or false when it comes to losing weight?

This is what I read from one of the sources saying that

Green tea has caffeine and a type of flavanoid called catechin (an antioxidant). These caffeine and catechin help in speeding up metabolism, hence the body's metabolism become efficient. 

This is how green tea is one of the best teas for weight loss. 

However, the result in weight loss may differ from one person to another person since not all fat is the same. 

In my case, I have more visceral fat (tummy fat) and this fat is so difficult to be burnt, but hey keep on trying, and never give up ok.

Not only drinking green tea helps for weight loss, but you need to incorporate other eating style as well, such as increasing protein intake and reducing carb intake in your daily meal. 

For meal intake, now I am considering to use The Mediterranean Diet for my weight loss, and hope it works for me.

And do exercise daily at least 10 - 15 minutes per day.

What is the best time to drink green tea?

I believe drinking green tea in the morning is the best since it helps in boosting your metabolism and some people advise to take green tea before a workout session (and I agree with this as well).

What kind of tea do you prefer to drink?

Tell me in the comment section ya.

Mine is green tea, xoxo.

Stay healthy and take care.


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  1. "the result in weight loss may differ from one person to another person since not all fat is the same."So true..

    For me, I prefer Green Tea with a small amount of sugar (without sugar, its feel "ngilu" in my mouth..lol)

  2. Suka green tea, it does help bila saya nak cut caffeine and sugar. Bab weight loss tak pasti sebab saya memang susah naik berat.

    1. kalau konsisten amalkan teh hijau, banyak kebaikannya.

  3. tak pernah try cinnamon tea. Green tu wajib ada dekat rumah .

  4. aida suka teh o halia. suam-suam. sedap menyegarkan badan!
    terjebak dgn teh o halia sebab kalau gi urut kat spa, lepas tu mesti kasik segelas teh o halia.
    terus la minta resepi. lain dari yg lain rasanya. tak sama dgn kedai mamak!

  5. Saya tak taulah kenapa tak maunya berjaya minum green tea. Kalau ginger tea tu memang lajulah suka betul.

  6. Sy minum green tea brand Ahmad Tea setiap hari untuk detox

  7. Yaya boleh pergi dengan green tea je tu pun jarang2 minum. Ginger tea boleh la slow2 hirup, cinnamon tak berani nak cuba. Macam mana lah rasanya ye..

  8. Setakat nih antaranya green tea dengan ginger honey tea yang boleh minum..Tapi lebih suka yang green tea.

  9. Cinnamon tea tak pernah cuba lagi. Yang teh halia dan greentea dah biasa minum

  10. Cikza memang hantu green tea sebab lepas makan kalau minum dapat bilas perut.

  11. mine is green tea too! great to soothe your body.


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