Tips For Weight Loss That Work [ As Long As You Follow The Instructions]


Tips For Weight Loss That Work

Tips For Weight Loss That Work 

[ As Long As You Follow The Instructions]

1. Cook at home

- plan what you want to cook.
- choose healthy ingredients for your healthy meal

2. Cut carbs : No pasta , buns, bread, rice

- I believe eat in moderation.
- If you love pasta, go eat pasta but in a small portion.
- Never make yourself cravings like crazy for food that you want to eat.
- Want to eat ice cream? get a small one scoop!

3. Eat protein at each meal

- Protein to build muscles, hence you need to get protein and reduce carbs intake.

4. Cut soda drinks / sugary drinks

- Sugar is the real culprit.
- Disconnected with soda drinks and any high sugary drinks

5. Shop the perimeter of the grocery store

- Enjoy your shopping in the grocery store.
- Go walk around the store.

6. Eat more fiber

- Eat vegetables or rolled oat or fruits to get good fiber

7. Use a food diary to track your meal

- Seriously, I never use any tracker to track my meal :))
- Ok, gonna install the apps to track my meal.

8. Exercise exercise exercise

- Need to burn fat!
- Need to increase metabolisme ....

9. Sleep is your priority

- Huh, not so easy but I'll try my best.
- Being a mother of 3 kids is ain't easy.

10. Keep portion sizes in check

- Make sure to eat in the right portion and stay with your diet.

Let's do this for the sack of weight loss journey.



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