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Stages of Sugar Withdrawal

Stages of Sugar Withdrawal

 4 Stages Of Sugar Withdrawal

1. Feeling Motivated

When you decided to kick sugar, you feel motivated to be healthier and you will need this motivation to get through cravings, headache and fatigue to come.

2. Cravings start to kick in

It's best to prepare by keeping healthy snacks on hand so it's even easier to resist the urge to indulge in your favorite sweets.

3. Symptoms Peak

Headaches, hunger, chills and even sugar withdrawal diarrhea can set in and make it harder than ever to stay motivated - you must use that motivation to fight through

4. You start to feel better

People have reported improvements in skin health, reduced brain fog and a boost in energy levels as a result of giving up added sugar.

Let's fight ! Yes we can Say no to SUGAR. Take moderate or less sugar intake daily. 

Stay healthy.

Slowly but surely.


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  1. sometimes rasa nak makan benda manis jugak even tho already pass no 4 haha


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