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8 Signs of Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

Signs of mentally and emotionally exhausted. hi there, so I was browsing Pinterest and found this pin about 8 warning signs you are mentally and emotionally exhausted.

It catches my eyes that I really want to share this with my readers or anyone who read this. 

I hope we all stay mentally and emotionally healthy since this kind of thing is kinda hard for us to admit or to figure out what is so wrong with ourselves.

The Warning Signs You Are Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted

1. You are easily irritated

2. You feel completely unmotivated-even to do things you normally enjoy

3. You are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks

4. You are having trouble sleeping. Either it takes you hours to fall asleep or your sleep is broken all through the night

5. You have no patience and you find yourself being short with family and anyone close to you

6. You are experiencing indigestion. You have a low-grade stomach ache all the time or feel like there's butterflies in your stomach

7. You start crying unexpectedly

8. You feel detached from reality

9. And you are constantly tired
Do you have any signs ?

8 Signs of Mentally And Emotionally Exhausted
source: pinterest

Well, I am not a right person to provide advice on this matter. I am not a pro in this.

I am just sharing notes with you.

If you have these kind of signs, I wish you to take care of your health.

Please do not ignore your mental and emotional health.

Please do not embarrass to seek help.

Please speak out to someone you trust to help you to fight for your mental and emotional exhausted-men.

Life is rough.

Life is tough.

Moreover when you have to fight your life all alone.

But I believe there is always a way how you could help yourself.

Kindly find ways to eliminate all the things that make you feel exhausted mentally and emotionally.

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How to Cope with Mentally and Emotionally Exhausted-men 

Maybe you can try things such as :-

  • exercise - try yoga, pilates, swimming, nature walk

  • read a good book - such as motivational book, psychology book, poem book or any book that you love to read 

  • write journal - write your thought, write what's in your mind, or write what's your feeling, write your achievement and failure and how to cope with the problem that you are facing at the moment

  • click and connect with people and friends - find people who shares the same hobby or interest with you and see how you can enjoy sharing what you like with them. Or keep in touch with your trusted friends. Say hi to them. Or maybe give them a visit once in a while.

  • get help from the professional - why not get a pro to help you. Some avoid to meet the doctor coz they think it's kind of crazy to get help but if things are quite hard for you to handle yourself, go and get the help from the pro. Never feel embarrass. You are doing the right thing to help yourself to get better.

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Wishing you all to always stay healthy and happy.


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  1. ya betul bekerja dari rumah memang mencabar rasanya. Syukurla ada anak2 dara yang dah besar tengokkkan adik2. yang penting memang kena pastikan diri sendiri happy dan banyakkan riadah.

  2. Mmg ada je semua tanda² tu tp still boleh kawal.. bila stress, mmg xbuat kerja rumah langsung, tgk tv dan biar² mkn sepah..

  3. Marsha ada simptom-simptom macam ni dan memang letih sgt fizikal dan juga mental.

  4. menguji kesabaran kita kan.. akak pernah nak kena cam ni. cepat2 sedar.. buat2 busy lagi elok lah.


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