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Alhamdulillah #Edisi41

hi there, very alhamdulillah, once again on this date 18/February , another age added to #edisi41 with love. Just like any other birthdays, I asked nothing much except reciting Alhamdulillah over and over again, thank you Allah for all these life journey, I am blessed.

yours truly in the morning of 18/2 ready to go to Beaufort with Nami

I asked my sister-in-law to drive me to Beaufort to pick up my new IC that I renew two weeks ago, and later renew my driving license for two years, and went to Ninso to buy the kids another story books and planting tray for myself.  

how you make your shopping easy
how you make your shopping easy

This year, one of my resolution that I wrote previously was to get into new skills such as learning a new language and gardening.

Since I am not a gardening person, and never ever plant anything in my whole life, so I'll make sure this year I plant something, at least I contribute to make our Earth more green-ier and load with Oxygen supply, hehehe.

Do you know how affordable things in Ninso? RM2.30 for each item, so shop till you drop la weh! and the quality is not bad, not the laoyah-laoyah or cikai quality bah ... I bought another 6 story books for the kids, previously I bought 8 books for them T_T . Alahai, perangai mak-mak sangat beli macam-macam untuk anak.

things that I bought in Ninso. I should make separate entry for this, hehe.

Today is a good day. Just like any my normal day. Still breathing. Still can sent the kids off to school, still can hug and kiss them, and say mommy love you before they depart to school. Today is a lovely day where I managed to have lunch with my SIL and MIL after picked up the kids from school.

we are cousins
Nami fed by his cousin, Jericho. Eh, manja la pula.

But, today seems a bit cloudy too. I saw the heartbreaking news of Ashraf Sinclair passed away early in the morning due to heart attack. He's at the same age with me, just celebrating his 40th birthday last year somewhere in Sept (saw his IG) if I am not mistaken.

Ashraf Sinclair passed away
Ashraf Sinclair passed away

I grew up watching him in Ads and movie.  I once saw his drama (Indonesia) long long time ago, and once in a while follow them on Youtube. So, the passed away news made me sad. Condolences for Ashraf's families and friends, and hope his wife Bunga Citra Lestari and his son Noah Sinclair will stay strong. 

Life is sweet and bitter. We'll never knew when is our time to come, but let's make doa each and every day, let us always be in Husnul Khatimah when the time Allah invited us to leave this world.

cake for my birthday?
cake for my birthday?

I swap cake to get ABC for my birthday, but the ABC is too sweet that I feel like I could get diabetes if I finished the whole glass, so few spoon is enough la. These days I'll try my best to cut my sugar intake.

actually since mr.Husband is not around , I prefer not to buy cake, need to wait him coming back from work this weekend (we'll see this weekend if he belanja me makan kek, hehe) , so that is the reason why I want the ABC. Or maybe I should get ice-cream instead of ABC?

lovely sil and mil
lovely sil and mil

and my lovely fam SIL & MIL. Thank you SIL jadi driver ke hulu ke hilir, and thank you mak mertua yang sentiasa ada dengan kitorang, sporting and easy go lucky with all her menantu T_T

to my dear self,
ask nothing but a good life.
and let's live healthy and take care of your very own self. 


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  1. semuanya dengan izin Allah. gembira, suka, derita dan sedih

  2. Alhamdulillah...syukran....moga sentiasa dalam rahmat dan redha Allah.

  3. Happy belated birthday :)
    Al fatihah utk arwah...

  4. dunai meratapi pemergian beliau.. al-fatihah ( dibaca ) buat arwah yang dah pergi dahulu meninggalkan kita..

    1. alfatihah kena baca setiap hari , untuk diri sendiri juga dan mereka yang dah tinggalkan kita :))

  5. terliur kjp ngn abc tu haha tp terfkir tkut nnt kena gdm lg batalkan jala niat haha..besar dh nami..ncum boyy

  6. Happy Belated Birthday, Mrs Pip.. Moga sentiasa sihat & aktif..hehe..


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