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hi there, teruja pula rasa bila artikel yang mrs pip hantar hari tu untuk majalah online Nuffnang yang dikenali sebagai CRUNCH, terpilih disenaraikan salah satu artikel dalam Editor's Pick ! ni first time mencuba nasib menulis secara suka suka, lepas tu tak sangka boleh masuk dalam Editor's Pick pula ... rasanya ramai yang tahu kan Nuffnang sekarang ni dah melangkah setapak dengan menerbitkan majalah secara digital / online dan hari tu rasanya ramai yang terima email dari Nuffnang untuk hantar cerita mereka dengan bertemakan #MyFirstTime , dan mrs pip tidak terkecuali terima email dari Nuffnang tu ...

#MyFirstTime: How I Secured My First Job

cerita #MyFirstTime yang mrs pip hantar kat Nuffnang tu merupakan cerita pengalaman pertama mrs pip mencari kerja sebaik sahaja tamat belajar di universiti ... hah! korang masih ingat tak macam mana first time korang mencari kerja lepas habis study dulu? ni cerita mrs pip tahun 2002 tau ... cerita dah lama, tapi still segar dalam ingatan mrs pip ...

time mrs pip dah habis study tu, ada seseorang yg mrs pip kenal bagitau ada company ni nak cari QAQC Engineer, dan mereka nak yang berkelulusan Degree in Civil Engineering dan kebetulan mrs pip ambil course Civil Engineering dan baru habis study, tapi tak konvo lagi time tu ... daripada tanam anggur kat rumah, better lah juga try luck kan , kita ni freshie, ada ke yang nak ambil kerja? (tu dlm fikiran mrs pip time tu lah)

tapi mcm biasalah, nak apply kerja ni, kena buat RESUME ... dah lah mrs pip ni tak pernah buat resume, lepas tu dulu dulu bukan zaman internet mcm sekarang ni, nak cari info, kena lepak cyber cafe, lepas tu nak tanya sesiapa mcm mana nak buat resume ni, bukan ada kemudahan whatsapp mcm sekarang ... nasib baiklah sebelum habis study tu, ada senior secara kebetulan nak buat resume, so kita pun busy body tanya macam macam kat senior tu ... nasib senior tu seorang yang baik, ada lah tips satu dua dia bagi kat mrs pip :)) ...

Editor's Pick , Crunch By Nuffnang

mrs pip kongsi kat entry ni penulisan yang mrs pip hantar kat Nuffnang tu , dan korang sudi-sudilah baca pengalaman mrs pip tulis resume dan attend interview ... dan bila mrs pip dapat job yang mrs pip applied time tu, memang hati mrs pip happy sangat, rezeki Allah nak bagi mrs pip kerja , TAPI ... nun jauh di sanaaaaa mrs pip kena transfer, di sebuah pekan kecil yang jauh dari kesibukan dan pembangunan kota ... 

tapi, mrs pip bersyukur sangat dgn kerja yang mrs pip dapat time tu kerana di sanalah mrs pip belajar erti kehidupan yang perlu disyukuri ... kalau sebelum ni mrs pip mmg membesar di bandar, serba serbi ada, lepas dah tinggal di kawasan pedalaman mcm tu, mmg bab bab mengeluh dan merungut tu mrs pip kubur cukup cukup ... mrs pip bersyukur, dalam kehidupan ni, kita rasa itu ini tak cukup, tapi sebenarnya ada lagi orang lain yang hidupnya serba kekurangan tapi tak merungut apapun ...

#MyFirstTime: How I Secured My First Job  

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#MyFirstTime: How I Secured My First Job

I remember the time I just finished my Degree. The first thing to do after completing my studies was to look for a suitable job in my field of study. So I started drawing up my resume. It was a simple resume with my personal particulars, my academic history, and my related skills. I remember my senior told me to include “I am willing to travel/transfer anywhere and am able to work under reasonable pressure with minimum supervision” since managers and companies always like to hire workers that have flexibility when it comes to relocating. As a fresh graduate, that was my magic sword to get the job that I applied for.

Besides that, I remember one of my lecturers told us that one of the most important things when it comes to preparing a resume is to make it look great by attaching a nice passport-sized photo. My lecturer said, “Make your photo look pretty. Put on some makeup, wear nice attire, and give a smile during the shoot.”

“I am sick of applicants who send me black and white ID photos with serious expressions like the ones on identity cards. Coloured photos are much better,” my lecturer added.

So there I was, ready to get my photo taken for my resume. I picked my favourite pink blouse with little white flower prints and put on light makeup. I wore dark brown eyeshadow to complement my light makeup, and pink lipstick. I also gave a smile to show off my sweet face.

“One, two, three.” Snap! My photo was taken.

Two weeks later, I received a call to attend the interview. I remember I had my white long-sleeved collared Weekenders blouse, black boot cut Giordano khakis, and black leather Hush Puppies loafers on. I also had my brown tote bag with the holder to keep my certificate inside.

I did not wait long for my name to be called. Before entering the room, I noticed the words “Quality Manager” were placed outside. I walked in, feeling nervous and a bit shaky. A man in his mid-40s was sitting in the room. He gave a smile when he saw me come in, and asked me to sit opposite him across his desk.

He introduced himself. He was the Quality Manager and was looking for a suitable candidate for the role of Quality Engineer. After the introduction, the interview session started. He asked me about myself, my studies, what did I love to do during my free time and a few other questions. I have always thought that interviews are strict and hard, but my first interview was actually quite easy. Later, he explained the job scope and description of the post I had applied for.

He read my resume and saw that I was “willing to transfer”. So he decided to ask me a question:

“What if we need to transfer you to a very remote area? Would that be okay?”

My brain said, “Yes.” My heart, on the other hand, said, “No, you will not survive. No entertainment, no yummy Burger King, no cinemas so that means you will never watch movies, no tennis courts so you have to give up tennis, no shopping malls so you will never get to go shopping and get great discounts!”

What a dilemma.

What should I answer him? Among all the questions during the interview, this one was the hardest for me to answer. Pause. I never imagined myself living in a remote area or far from the city. All these years, I am truly a city girl. But, what was important to me at that moment was to get a job.

I smiled and confidently said, “Yes, I am willing to transfer anywhere as long as I have a place to stay, food to eat and transportation to go to work. It is okay to live in a remote area if the job requires me to be there. And of course, if the place is safe.”

Huh, what a brilliant answer I gave at that time, just to ensure I could get the job. But deep in my heart, I was hurt by my own answer.

A week after the interview, I received a phone call from the Human Resource Department of the company saying that I passed the interview and got the job as Quality Engineer, and that I had to start work in a week.

Two weeks after working, I received my transfer letter. And let me tell you, they really sent me to a remote place. I had to endure 8 hours of driving with some bumpy and hilly roads thrown into the mix. There was nothing nice at that place except for its fresh and cheap seafood and good local people.

Two years later, I am glad I transferred back to town. And the reasons why I succeeded in my interview? The manager did tell me the reasons. First, among so many applicants, I was the only one who smiled in my ID photo, and he was impressed not by my looks, but by how much effort I put into looking nice. After all, I am not beautiful; I’m just a plain girl.

Second, because when he asked me if I was willing to transfer, he told me the answer that I gave him was simple but the best among so many applicants.

I never regretted being transferred from my hometown to someplace remote. In fact, I am grateful for the opportunity given. I learned a lot about life. Life is not always beautiful and perfect, but as long as you are happy and grateful, life will always be perfect and beautiful.

And that was how I secured my first job.

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  2. Congrats mrs pip hee <3

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  3. waaa~ congratz Mrs Pip.

    And i like this quote from your writing : " Life is not always beautiful and perfect, but as long as you are happy and grateful, life will always be perfect and beautiful. "

  4. Waa bestnya baca kak. Yeah, this get me down memory lane about mine too. Hihi. Tapi dulu belum grads lagi ramai da dapat kerja Alhamdulillah.


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