Officially, I am pregnant || The 4th Pregnancy

hi there, just wanna share some good news to you all! very alhamdulillah, once again I am pregnant. this is the 4th pregnancy for me. 

lil' Iman was the 1st, then lil' Amin 2nd ... 

the third pregnancy ended with unhappy ending, miscarriage happened. 

it's Allah's will. never deny what Allah has planned for you. 

just be grateful. though the pregnancy lasts only for a few weeks, Allah knows the best for me. now, I have a little angel waiting for me up there in Heaven. 

somewhere middle of December, I was feeling not so well. I thought it was common. and later, my always-on-the-dot-menses did not arrived on time.

it has been a week late! well, I am not ready to have another baby since I have an issue of my health, and has been advised to stay away from pregnancy for a year after the miscarriage, the best. 

but deep in my heart, oh how much I think I want a baby. lil' Amin is turning four November this year. and I am getting old so soon, so why not trying for another baby. maybe the last baby ...

and the greedy me keep thinking, oh it is good to have twin baby, or maybe triplets ... muehehe ....

The 4th Pregnancy
The 4th Pregnancy

so on 30th Dec last year, I decided to make the urine pregnancy test, and as you can see in the photos, IT IS DOUBLE LINE!!!! .... 

so, forget about my health issue, I am pregnant, everyone. 

I guessed, Allah heard me, Allah knows when is the right time to give me another baby. will this 4th pregnancy will end with a sweet journey? 

I put everything to the Almighty. just let Him decided what is the best for me. 

just want to share some of my pregnancy progress at the moment. yes, I am having mood swings at the moment, and always have headache. more than that, I am having "midnight sickness". you always heard of morning sickness right? 

mine is different. all the loya and muntah muntah always come around midnight! this pregnancy is quite tough. 

doakan yang baik baik untuk mrs pip ya!

thanks for reading.

p/s: hoping to have a smooth pregnancy journey.


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  1. congrats kak pip.. jaga kesihatan <3

  2. terbaik sis.. jaga diri elok2 tau.. kne bykkan rehat... jaga pemakanan jugak sis taw :)

  3. Alhamdulillah.. Tahniah mrs pip.

  4. Alhamdulillah, tahniah Mrs Pip.. Jaga kesihatan awak dan jangan buat keja berat2 tau.. saya doakan agar awak dan kandungan sihat sejahtera hendaknya..

  5. Congrats sis. Take good care of you and baby 😍

  6. Wah.. Tahniah kak Pip. Nida pun kepingin sudah baby ni, tapi mo gerl la. Sebab ada 3 boy sudah. Hehe

  7. tahniah mrs pip! semoga semuanya berjalan dengan baik.

  8. Sorry for your previous loss..n also congrats for being preggy again..take good care ok..

  9. wahhhh alhamdulillah..bestnyerr..tahniah tauu..jaga diri baik2 k... doakan kite jugak..hihi

  10. Wow happy for u kak pip..jaga ksihatan baik2..

  11. alhamdulillah..congrats mrs pip..doakan me too untuk jangkit..hehe

  12. Tahniah mrspip. Jaga diri baik2 ye

  13. Alhamdulillah.. Tahniah mrs pip.. stay strong for the journey..


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