Eight guides to sell your property

hi there, need to sell your property but have no idea how to sell it? are you looking for any guides to sell your property? hope this eight guides to sell your property will help you to understand and give some ideas what you should know when it comes to sell your property.

Guide to sell your property
Guide to sell your property

The main objective of selling property is to ride on the capital appreciation of the invested properties where time, effort and money has been poured into hoping to enjoy some returns. In the recent properties that are completed like some of Setia Alam’s properties, ready to sell for those who missed out during the launch. Selling property could be tedious and long winded if you’re not familiar with the processes. Although there are some steps that you could have known but do be wary on hidden costs that could diminish your returns. Here’s some guides to follow.

#1: Check the current market value of your property
Get a ballpark figure of your property by researching your property value via online platform like PropertyGuru. This is to gauge what’s the estimated selling price in the market so you can set a figure aside when you need to incurred costs as part of your estimated profit. But do be realistic when you set the figure as to avoid disappointment.

#2: Appraise your property
Before your agent starts listing your property in the market, get the real estate agency to evaluate your property and certified by valuer. This is to give you the accurate figure of your property’s selling price in the area and you will be given details of similar properties’ recent transactions around the vicinity to make comparison.

#3: Enhance your property
Time to give your property a good shape. Fix and repair the fixtures and fittings if necessary. Repair the pipe leakage, give the walls a new coat of paint, replace old furniture with a new one and whatever is necessary. You wouldn’t one your potential buyer to de-list your property because of shabby looking for the price you have set. Impression is important. Click here to see these tips.

#4: Let the advertising begin
Be sure to make your agent to put up your property in the online platform. Make sure to highlight your property’s strong point in your description, this will attract your potential buyers to consider on making appointment to view your property. Increase the chances for closing the deal (cross fingers).You can promote the property like spelling out the amenities, conveniences and features. For example, the large township in Setia Alam that integrated with nature’s beauty and architecture. 

#5: Appoint a lawyer
If you have your appointed lawyer to be your legal advisor, that’s good. But, if you do not have, best to get your agent to introduce a legal advisor. During the process of selling property, the lawyer is there to help you with your legal documents and speed up the documentations process including transferring ownership and property handover. You wouldn’t want to waste time and money going back and forth for the tiniest mistakes in the documentation.

#6: Viewing after viewings
During this process, your agent will start arranging appointments for your potential buyer to meet and negotiate your property. Usually, viewings are mostly done in the evening or weekends so expect some calls from your agent during this suggested timing. 

#7: Accepting offer
After viewing, if the buyer is very interested and keen with your property, they will begin to make an offer to buy it. During this process, both agent and potential buyer will start negotiating the prices. If the offer is made to you privately, you’ll still have to get the document signed with your estate agent. As you have already engaged your agent during the beginning of the selling process, you will still have to pay for the professional fees.

Before the negotiation starts, it’s better to have set the par of your selling price because at this stage, most of the time potential buyer will not agree with the initial price offered. Hence, you will be expecting to negotiate with a limit of how low can you go. Fret not, if the property is in demand, it may fetch as far as beyond the original asking price similarly like the in demand property, Setia Alam. Once both parties agreed on the price, be sure to quickly sign on the offer letter!

#8: Signing Sale & Purchase Agreement (SPA)
This is where your legal advisor get involved to assist you with all the documentations. Once the buyer executes the SPA, buyer will have to pay the balance of the first 10% of the property’s purchase price. The endorsed documents will be send over for execution and stamped which you will have to pay stamp duty according to the table fixed here. This will have to be done within 14 days of the date of the signing of the “Letter of Offer to Purchase”. Within three months from the SPA becomes unconditional, the remaining 90% will be payable to you.

Finally: Your property is sold!
After all the payments been done and the documents have been executed, the property will be successfully transferred to the new owner. Be aware that you will need to pay for Real Property Gain Tax (RPGT) if the transaction made is lesser than X years. Your profit from your disposal of residential and commercial properties are taxed based on the holding period of your properties.

hope this article eight guide to sell your property is helpful and give some knowledge to anyone who is intend to sell their property. 

have a great day everyone.


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