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Song Hye Ko dan Song Joong Ki bakal berkahwin 31 Oktober ini !

hi there,

yeah, our #songsongcouple akhirnya akan berkahwin 💑 .... song hye ko is always my fav korean actress since drama autumn in my heart, kemudian follow tengok full house dan worlds within ... lepas tu agak lama tak tengok song hye ko dalam any dramas, then she is back dalam drama that winter the wind blows, dan last 2 years ago, descendants of the sun bersama song joong ki ....

siapa follow DOTS? love her in the drama, she is more matured + more beautiful .... muehehe .... digandingkan pula bersama si cheeky joong ki, memang sesuai sangat mereka berdua ....

siapa sangka, keserasian mereka di lokasi membawa kepada percintaan selepas tamat penggambaran, dan ada yg mengatakan joong ki tertawan melihat hye ko ketika di set penggambaran DOTS lagi. aiseh, cinta lokasi 😊 ...

dan #songsongcouple terkini memgumumkan akan berkahwin pada 31 Oktober tahun ini dan mengharapkan sokongan dari semua pihak, dan mereka telah memuatnaik status di fan cafe masing masing ....

On July 5, Song Hye Kyo wrote on her official fan cafe, "Song Joong Ki was a colleague I worked well with at first. After working on a drama project together, I felt our values and thoughts were similar, and we communicated well no matter what we talked about."
She added, "As he was a good colleague and friends, we contacted each other after our project was finished, and that's how we got to know each other. The trust he made me feel after a long time and the trust in the future I had with him made me realize his sincere feelings towards me. That's when I became sure."

Song Joong Ki also posted to his fan cafe:
"I met a drama project that made me shine and was an honor to me, and I made a precious friend who spent that happy time with me. We confirmed our sincere feelings for each other and became a couple who loved each other. At the beginning of 2017, we made a promise to each other to spend the rest of our lives together. We'll fill what we each lack with love, and we'll live a new life where we can face difficulties together. I plan to marry Song Hye Kyo at the end of October 2017. I wanted to let you all know of my sincere intentions earlier, but it's not something I can decide on my own. My family's opinions are also all precious, and it was a situation where I had to think carefully and discretely. I had an upcoming movie that involved many people's passion and efforts, and as an actor, I didn't want my personal life to negatively affect the film crew and staff. In the future, I'll live as a cool actor and stable head of a family. Please cheer on our good destiny. Thank you."
all the best #songsongcouple ... and congrats ....

P/s: hurm, bilalah adik aku ni PARK SHIN HYE nak kawin? dulu berkenan juga kalau shin hye couple dgn JANG KEUN SUK 😜😜😜

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  1. Oowh. Peminat korea rupanya mrs. Pip ni

  2. Seorang lagi pasangan korea nak kawen!! Tak sabar nak tengok, pasangan cinta lokasi ni..hehe

  3. tak follow drama korea but still happy for them.memang lovely couple

  4. Yeayyy!! Suka dorang berdua..

  5. suka masa dia berlakon autumn in my heart...


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