Printing A3 photo poster with Photobook @ RM9.90 for 4 pcs !

hi there,

so remember the day that I shared a post about PHOTOBOOK? I bought a Photobook an A3 photo printing poster coupon quite long long time ago, it was somewhere in September last year.

this was my 2nd purchased for the A3 size, but this time I bought A3 printing poster for 4pcs and paid for RM9.90. it's been sooooooo longggggggg, I didn't use the coupon. seriously, I almost forget about until the Photobook send me a reminder via email to use the voucher code, otherwise it will expire.

package from Photobook

jadi, terpaksalah mengigihkan diri to make the A3 poster, and once complete, ready for printing! I paid another RM12.72 for the postage, so total paid was RM22.62 ... for me,the price was kinda cheap.

after making the postage payment, stay calm and relax to receive the item T_T. the item arrived 3 days later, and here is the package :) ... and as usual, photobook never disappoints me ^ ^.

p/s: waiting mr,Husband to make the photo frame .... bila agak2nya boleh siap eh?

and for mother's day, Photobook has great offer .... just in case you missed it! share with you ols here.

mother's day offer >>> free 6'x6' softcover photobook <<<

hottest in May >>> discounts up to 70% <<<

to know more, let's check photobook website :


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  1. Betul ker kos penghantaran rm12.72 bukan rm18? Tengah berminat jugak nak buat :)

    1. Hari tu harga caj rm12.72, tapi harga ni berubah2 kot ikut time promo, mrs pip tak sure sgt...


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