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Pesta Bakanjar (Part 3) ; the unforgettable memories

hi there,

again, continue the story of Pesta Bakanjar.

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after strolling the stalls, we continue watching the performances.

the VVIP dining table, fully air-cond and well closed
I heard the Chief Minister Musa Aman came later that evening at 2 pm to officiate the Pesta Bakanjar

the juries who judging the performance.
heard the 2nd group won the performance

this one below, the winner!

party of four ... errr, why la so hard to get better picture for 4 of us? whyyy?
*who cares as long as I'm in*

we were so lucky managed to capture one of the photo group session
beautiful sumandak and handsome tanakvagu

after spending few hours for Pesta Bakanjar, we decided to go home

and we met these 3 sumandak wearing complete traditional Tatana traditional clothes,
so we asked if we can snap their photo, and they said YES

thanks girls!
you gals are so awesome :)

 haha, the sour face of our kids!
it's hot, huh!

the banner promoting Pesta Bakanjar
have you seen this?

so, that's the end of our Pesta Bakanjar stories, a memory not to be forgotten. 

hope you enjoy it.

have a great day everyone.


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