Pesta Bakanjar in Kuala Penyu (Part 2); strolling around the handicraft stalls

hi there,

this is PART 2 of Pesta Bakanjar.

previously in PART 1, CLICK HERE

we didn't wait to watch all the performances because my hati dan perasaan really wanna strolling around the handicraft stalls ... what la ! as if like I have no idea what's inside the stalls ... muehehe.

there were few local handicraft stalls, 5 or 6 stalls if not mistaken, and each stall selling different items ... let me belanja you all what's inside the stall ... jalan jalan cuci mata :))

they have so many kind of these rattan basket
I already have one, bought few years ago in Kota Marudu,
more or less the same but the basket in the photo a big bigger than mine. 

few more handicraft bag, with lots of colors and design
I didn't buy any since I received one from my GF last year, 
almost the same design, GF bought when she visited Vietnam if not mistaken.

save another ringgit, phew!

do love beads? it's colorful.
a lot of choices here, but not so me wearing all those kind of beads.

let's jump to another stall.

this stall making the traditional clothes. these clothes often used for wedding or during traditional performance, etc
I didn't dare to ask the price, guessing it must be quite costly since it's 'almost 100% handmade',
since all the beads sewn one by one manually.

if you have kids, can bring them here for batik coloring

many selection of batik coloring, just choose which one do you like :)) 

another traditional wear with very traditional pattern

yours truly
I was waiting my turn to buy from this one stall selling beautiful 
small little kitten crafted using wood

and finally, managed to bring back these 3 little kittens ...

RM10 , 3 biji ... 

and this is the last stall we went, it sells keropok ikan ...
we bought one big packet ...
harga RM9.00 

this one big packet kan, mrs pip sudah goreng,
serius sedap!

posing in front the stall :))

after strolling around the stalls, we continue jalan jalan lagi around the areas and continue watching the performances ...


end of part 2.

stay tune for part 3.


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