Pesta Bakanjar in Kuala Penyu (Part 1) ; learning about other Malaysian ethnics' cultures

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what a late entry!

on 25th Feb last month, we went to see the PESTA BAKANJAR held in Kuala Penyu. from what mr.Husband told me, the pesta is all about showing the various cultures of Tatana people, one of ethnic in Sabah.

and this is the 4th year they are celebrating this PESTA BAKANJAR or known as ODOU BAKANJAR among the local people here.

this is our very 1st time attending this pesta. they have many activities carried out during the 1 day pesta, but in my opinion, the main event of this pesta is the cultural performance competition by seven group from seven different villages.

it's great to watch all these local culture performances to widen my knowledge about local culture and social life, and it's very seldom to see these young generation to wear their traditional clothes except when there is any cultural performance or wedding.

whenever you brought your kids out on sunny hot weather, make sure to make them stay hydrated!

when we reached Kuala Penyu town, we parked the car at kedai papan, the other side where the pesta was being held and get the kids in their stroller. I couldn't imagined life without stroller whenever we brought the kids out. thanks for whoever invented the stroller!

few stalls selling food and drinks nearby the tapak pesta, and the weather was quite hot that day.

when we reached the tapak pesta, the 2nd group is ready to perform. we missed the 1st performance.

yours truly and her 3 men

Exhibition of old Kuala Penyu town by Sabah Museum. let's learn history! 

some of the jejak kenangan di kuala penyu by Sabah Museum

the 2nd group to perform from Kampung Tegilung

full dressed man with his what local people called sandung (parang)

performance by the 2nd group 

 while the 2nd group was doing their performance, 
the 3rd get ready and lined up

and lil' armies were stunned watching the show

end of part 1.

stay tune for part 2. [ CLICK HERE FOR PART 2]

hope you all readers enjoy reading this entry. together we learned other Malaysian ethnics' culture.


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  1. pernah pakai baju kazadan dusun ni masak sklh rendah..hihihi


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