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Fishing is not an escape of life ...

hi there,

if mr.Husband asked me out for road trips, cepat laju dan pantas mrs pip will pack our things for outing. and in split seconds, mrs pip can get the kids to be ready, and let's get going! tu kalau mr.Husband ajak keluar jalan-jalan lah, aiseh! .... LOL

but, if la kan mr.Husband said "let's go fishing" , haha for sure mrs pip will reply him "ok! I'll pack your things and the kids and I just stay at home". huh! never been fishing for all my life! ...no lah, mmg mr.Husband never asked me out for fishing pun, he knows 'fishing' is not-so-me.

actually, last few days ago mr.Husband asked me if I could make post an entry about his fishing stories. though this blog mrs pip wrote so far about the random-ness of my thought and life, but hey! I am so OKAY if mr.Husband wanted to contribute a story from his side.

the unlucky lobster, LOL

let's collaborate!

p/s: this entry (after the line below) is fully written by Mr.Pip


I love fishing since I was 8 years old. At that time, I often follow my mom go fishing by the small river around our village. My mom will make me the traditional fishing rod using using tree branch, frond thatch (pelepah rumbia)  or bamboo. the catgut fishing string will be tied  to the fish hook together with the buoy known as tungkabu by the local people here. Each time the buoy sunk, I felt so happy because it indicates the bait is eaten by the fish.

the beautiful kampung ladies, ready for fishing the tradional-way
the kampung traditional fishing rod
the traditional fishing by the small pond
karuk or jalak?
haha, I told you I never pass to name the fish

My early childhood seawater fishing memory 

When I was 12 years old, my dad brought me to go fishing in the sea. It takes about 20 minutes journey from the beach. It was my 1st time fishing in the sea, and the experienced fishing in the sea and by the river has so much difference, thus it makes an unforgettable memory in my life.

an old memory of mine
I remember we were using a small boat and it was quite uncomfortable whenever the waves came and shaked the boat, and I felt difficult to do the fishing. I learned another traditional fishing technique from my dad which to rolled the catgut strings to the ‘poyan’, together with the snapper sinker (batu pemberat) and fish hook.

the beautiful sunset captured during one of my deep sea fishing
at that time, we were fishing in the middle of the night, and it was totally dark around us. I could only see the sea water that was illuminated by our battery lamp and some light from the villager houses that could be seen far from our fishing location. It was so quiet, and once in a while the silence was broken by the sound of my dad whenever he raises up fish that caught by him. oh! what a memory. 

I managed to catch fish, however the weight just around 300gm compared to my dad who caught fish weight about few kilograms each. I felt so happy at that time and after that, each time my dad go fishing in the sea, I never miss to follow him.

and now I'm a grown up man!
when I was young, I used to follow my dad,
but now I'm the one who bring my dad for fishing.
like father like son, huh.
the man who introduce me fishing in the sea water

Basic fishing tools and techniques

From time to time, I learned technique for fishing for shallow or deep sea through friends, magazines and online surfing. I will practice any new fishing method for every trip I went to ensure which method is the best to be used for me whenever I went for fishing activities.

let's go trolling!

Among the basic method for deep fishing are such as bottom, jigging, trolling, fish float and popping. Each fishing method need to be done using the right technique such as tying the catgut string, using the right type and size of fish hook, choosing the right catgut string for main and leader, type of rod, spinning, snapper sinker, etc.

when you go fishing, the must HAVE to bring is
absolutely the FISHING TOOLS!

Catches of fish

Whenever I go out for fishing with our group of anglers, when we are on the boat, while fishing and waiting for the fish to get our bait, we do discuss the best method to use in catching certain types of fish that we hope to get during the journey.

this moray eel caught unexpectedly
the eel bite the bait deep inside his 'tummy'
Usually, each fishing location has its own uniqueness refer to types of fish that lives in that specific area. So we are well prepared with the kind of fish that we will probably get.

Types of fish that we catch quite often are grouper (kerapu), snapper (ikan merah) , trevally (ikan putih), mackerel / bonito (tenggiri), barracuda (lingku), bream (kerisi/kerisi bali), sweetlips (ketambak), stingrays (pari), keratang, barred-cheek coral trout (sunu), kingfish, sulit tanah, tambung, haruan tasik, etc.

which one should go to the tummy first? ngee.

Comfort, safety & other necessities

To make the fishing activities more comfortable throughout the journey (usuallya we go out for deep sea fishing, it’s  3 day 2 nite or more days and nite on the boat, all depends with the fishing location), other necessities such as extra food and drinks, medicine, poncho or raincoat, heavy duty torch light, extra clothes need to be brought by the anglers.

Anglers can bring their own life jacket, but the boat owner will provide this as well for the safety of each passenger. The anglers usually will bring bread, buns, fruits such as banana, sweet drinks, instant noodles, instant drinks, etc.

However, the boat owner (to whom we rent the boat) will provide food and drinks as well (but some anglers will bring their own preference food and drinks), ice to store fish, basic bed for anglers to take rest, and clean toilet with sufficient supply of clean water.

Other than that, the safety is the priority. The boat owner provide sufficient life jacket for the passengers, buoy, gps, compass, and communication radio. And it’s the anglers’ responsibilities to check with the boat owner that all safety measures and equipment are sufficient before the departure. 

Fishing challenges and problems

Fishing in the sea has its own problems and challenges. Among problem occurred are such as boat component damaged, radio communication broke-down, unsuspected bad weather such as strong big waves, heavy wind, storms, etc.

Besides that, lack initiatives of the boat driver and inaccuracy of fish finder equipment resulting error of exact fishing location and thus will make catches of fish will less successful. it happens sometimes. though it happens, it never kills the desire of an angler to go fishing!

and till today, either it's the shallow one, or go for a deep fishing, my love for fishing will never end. and hope there will be more fishing journey to come for me.

credit: Google


I asked mr.Husband once if he ever meet any ladies angler join them for deep water fishing, sailing on the boat for days and nights? ... he answered "that's interesting if there is any".

 so babes, anyone wanna be ladies angler? 

me? .... definitely I'm O.U.T . 

so, that's the story from mr.Husband. I wish he will once again willing to share his other story. the fishing as his hobby, it's before I met him, and after I met him, and even now, his fishing hobby is what his passionate so much. and as a wife, whenever he goes fishing, I pray hard to Allah to make his journey smooth and he come home safely.

hope you readers enjoy reading this entry, and feel free to leave some comment ya :)

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