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Can you name the fish?

hi there,

every week, mr.Husband will buy our one week fish supply. and he will buy few types of fish. and there are types of fish that I am very familiar with, such as ikan tenggiri, ikan putih, ikan temenung, ikan gerunggung, and ikan belanak, and few more .... but, there are still many types of fish that I am familiar with but have no idea what's the fish name. hehe.

so housewives, do you have this kind of problem of knowing the fish name? .... sometimes, when mr.Husband coming home from buying fish, he asked

"so what fish is this?"

usually, I pause for few seconds, and if I knew the name of the fish, then I confidently say it loud, but if not, I'll just guessing the fish name or else I'll give a funny answer such as

"ooooo this fish aaaa .... hey, this is the same fish you bought last week kan"

huh! in this HOUSEWIFE DEPARTMENT, I am still lacking with so many things! still many things I need to learn. this is our 5 years of marriage, and I still not improving in this 'what fish that you eating' things. whenever mr.Husband tell me the fish name, I just nod my head but never tried to memorize or to by-heart it. I guess I just take things for granted.

because of this, I decided to record all the fish and its name, so whenever mr.Husband asked me, I'll just simply need to search it in my blog. that is the power of blogging! yeah. LOL.

the name as what local people here call:-

salah satu spesis ikan merah

ikan merah

they call this ikan bawal 
(maybe salah satu spesis bawal la kot)

ikan selungsung

ikan putih (small size)

owh, ok. this is the latest stock that mr.Husband bought. will add more in the future. and after cleaned all the fish, this is what I usually do with our fish. I marinate it with chopped garlic and salt, and wrap it in a clean transparent plastic.

a plastic for one cook meal. some prefer to put inside the clear container, some prefer to keep in the clear plastic. the choice is yours, but make it easy for yourself whenever you need to cook your fish. keeping the fish in black plastic will make hard for you to pick what fish you want to cook.

let's make our life easy in this HOUSEWIFE DEPARTMENT. hehe.

 have a great day, wives!


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