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Monday, 9 October 2017

Design your Tee Shirt with SUMMERISM

hi there,

hey see what I get from SUMMERISM .... so recently I made a nice cool tee shirt, printed with my own signature name "Mrs Pip' . Have been thinking to have my own customized tee shirt, and eventually managed to make it ... woha!

I get the tee shirt from, it's a website selling 100% SUPERSOFT COTTON plain tee .. if you are simple person like me, and need a cool plain tee, SUMMERISM is the best place to get yours.

how to get the Tee? it is very easy, you just need to visit the website, create an account to login and choose what is your preference.. the price is affordable and comparable with the quality provided by SUMMERISM ... it is very comfortable to wear especially like in our country where I consider summer is all the year around and the customize tool to choose your printed words is very friendly and easy to use.

you can put your own wording based on the design provided inside the website, and just choose your perfect size and favorite tee shirt color, and walla! there you go,  send your item to the cart and ready to make the payment ... babes, it is easy-peasy-like-ABC :)) ...

you not only can make your own cool tee shirt, but you also can make it for your own family member, for your loved ones, create your couple tee shirt or family tee shirt or make it a gift for you and your BFF! ...

this tee shirt is 100% supersoft cotton with Japan micro brush technology, velvet alike softness, anti wrinkles bold collar, double-needle stitching throughout, vibrant shoulder taped and stitching color, wash durable and best comfort in daily wear.

I have choose my preference, the custom made gold glitter name lucky number vintage feel tee T Shirt.  I just need to type the word 'Mrs Pip / 1712' at the custom text and choose the tee shirt color and size T_T

here is my super cool tee shirt! from SUMMERISM

I have made mine... how about you? Do you wanna have a piece of this super cool cotton tee shirt? how about getting one from WWW.SUMMERISM.COM ... but wait, I'm giving you all a 30%  GREAT DISCOUNT when you check out by using this promo code : mrspip30% ...



  1. menarik...boleh design sendiri t shirt

  2. Wow. Boleh design tshirt untuk family day saya nanti..

  3. Wah... 30% discount tu. Menarik ni.

  4. Menariknya. Ada diskaun 30% lg ni. Berbaloi pada yang nak buat tshirt family. Yg plan nak buat family day pun boleh tempah juga baju ni kan.

  5. Best ni.. Mmg tgh survey jga utk printed tshirt

  6. wah best boleh printed sendiri

  7. Cool.. boleh letak Nama sendiri

  8. Nice design.. Bleh la nak cuba nanti..