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Monday, 18 September 2017

"The Art of Pairing Promenade's Mooncakes with Fragrant Chinese Tea"

hi there,

when I was in primary school (primary 5 or 6 like that), my Chinese friend brought a nice tin container filled with a very beautiful kueh (I just called it kueh at that time, no idea that kueh called mooncakes) with Chinese character imprints on top of the kueh. It looks yummy (you know la kan kids always fascinated with food), and my friend told me the kueh is a traditional Chinese homemade 'bun'. oh ok, see even my friend called it 'bun', for her to give to our classroom teacher ... and when I asked if I could have some, she said no because it is only for Chinese (oh ok, I'm not Chinese though my last name is YAP) *sad face* ...

Table settiing for the event

that beautiful kueh stayed in my mind for years, and I only know the actual name of that kueh when I was in secondary school. how I wish I could have some, and to make it even worst, they said mooncakes are not Halal. *goodbye beautiful mooncakes, we have to divorce* ...

dragged along mr.Boyfriend now mr.Husband with our lil' Amin to the event

my 1st mooncakes were when mr. Boyfriend (and now mr. Husband) bought it for me. I told him that mooncakes are not halal, he laughed and said, don't you know nowadays there are halal mooncakes selling everywhere and easy to get? ... so there was me, eating mooncakes with all my heart, and my 1st mooncakes were the lotus seed paste and read bean paste with salted egg yolk in the center... nowadays, we still buy mooncakes for ourselves, but we only eat one or two small slice *cannot tahan the sweetness* ....

yours truly at the event

and recently, when Promenade invited me to attend an event at Hotel Promenade Kota Kinabalu on 13th September 2017 for their launching of "The Art Pairing Promenade's Mooncakes with Fragrance Chinese Tea", I went to the event with happy heart T_T

Above: Dr Danny Kok is giving his speech
Below: Official launching of the event

It's another FIRST for Promenade Hotel Kota Kinabalu when its famed mooncakes are sold with Fragrant Chinese Tea supplied by Chin Xi Tea Art Centre through Kinabalu Chinese Tea Art Society. The brief event was officially launched by the hotel's General Manager; Mr. Hafizan Wong and Dr Danny Kok, Chairmain of Kinabalu Chinese Tear Art Society at the hotel's Lobby Lounge.

variety flavors of mooncakes packed in nice beautiful blue box
Picture: credit to Promenade's facebook
List of mooncakes by Promenade

The launch marks the commencement of the selling of Fragrant Chinese Tea paired with Promenade's very own choice of 8 types of mooncakes at RM25.00 per piece (OR RM98.00 per box of 4 pieces) and its Signature Mini Crystal Durian Mooncakes at RM3.80 per piece.

This whole range of Promenade's mooncakes are halal and with minimum preservatives. Therefore, it's best refrigerated. Besides selling our mooncakes here in Kota Kinabalu, they also available at Promenade Hotel Tawau and Promenade Hotel Bintulu - said Dim Sum Chef; Arthur Chew

spot me?

The launch was witnessed by host of distinguished guests specially invited by Kinabalu Chinese Tea Art Society Chairmain; Dr. Danny Kok and friends from the media fraternity.

Above: Dr Danny is demonsrating the art of making and serving tea
Below: Tasting the mooncakes, the best in town yeah!
Prior to Mooncake Tasting, Demonstartion on the Art of Preparing & Serving Chinese Tea and a sumptuous lunch at Dynasty Chinese Restaurant, Dr. Danny gave an interesting insight on the history that brought about the art of marrying both Mooncake Eating and Tea Drinking.

I tried the musang king durian paste, it's kinda new to me, but seriously it is so yummy as if like I want more, but I am on diet, so a bite or two is enough 😌 ...

Above: lunched at Dynasty Restaurant, halal Chinese cuisine
Below: Yours truly with other bloggers and media friends at lunch table

Promenade's Mooncakes will be on sale until actual Mooncake Festival Day (or while stocks last) on Wednesday, 4th October 2017 from 10am - 8pm at the Mooncake Sales Counter in the Hotel Lobby and from 8pm - 10pm at Dynasty Restaurant (Ground Floor).

For current, ongoing and upcoming Food & Beverage promotional details, please call Promenade Cafe / Halal Dynasty Chinese Restaurant / Lobby Lounge / Deli Corner at Tel: (60) (88) 252 396 / 265 555 Ext: 5107

Do you need mooncakes? ... get yours at Promenade now while it lasts.



  1. Wow..Mooncakes.. One of my favourite.. =)

  2. nice one..mooncakes byk da halal...selalu dpt ne

    1. time kak pip kecik2 dulu, mooncakes ni ramai ckp non-halal,
      tau lah, kak pip pigi sekolah rendah yang majoriti budak Cina ...
      zaman mid-80's bah time tu, sekarang ni, Google ja kalau mau cari info yang betul ...

  3. Tak pernah rasa mooncakes lagi.

  4. teringin juga nak rasa mooncakes yang halal.. dah lama cari.. kalau ada pun kena beli online.. huhuhuuu.. :)


    1. boleh cuba mooncake Cosway punya ... halal .

  5. Wow, bestnya dpt mkn mooncake Promenade! Mesti sedap betul tu kan.... My first mooncake - I don't remember. Tapi the first one that I buy for myself was from Cosway. Suka beli yg premium box sbb suka the box...hihihi.

  6. Dah lama tak makan Mooncakes... Aihh bila la nak rasa lagi..hehehe Sampai dah lupa rasa dia camana..hehehe :D

  7. Replies
    1. boleh lah cuba makan mooncake dari Cosway ...