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Saturday, 14 January 2017

The Kg. Tempurung Beach, Kuala Penyu

hi there,


we frequently come to Kuala Penyu, it is not so far from our living place. but we didn't explore the district much, most of the time we just stop to buy fresh fish or visiting the weekly flea market or known as 'TAMU'.

our recent visit to Kuala Penyu was to send back home our nieces who stayed with us for a week to help us doing some work. after sent the girls home, I asked mr.Husband to drive along the coastal road just for a sightseeing.

we saw a signboard 'TEMPURUNG SEASIDE LODGE', we never been here, so just wanted to give a try for our so called small 'exploration'.

when you always come in and out to a place that you think you know everything, actually you know too little about the place unless you explore it, hehe.

we follow the junction, drive straight, and there is a signboard of 'KG.TEMPURUNG'. 'Tempurung' means coconut shell. 

It's our 1st time here, we hope to see something nice here

we drove along the road, saw a primary school on our right, and we saw a welcome signboard at the entrance school gate written 'SEHATI SEJIWA' and a replica of  'a red coconut with a straw'.

after few minutes driving from the main junction and only few metres from that primary school, we saw the signboard 'SELAMAT DATANG KE GERAKAN DAYA WAWASAN KG. TEMPURUNG', and next to it, there is another signboard written 'TEMPURUNG GOLDEN BEACH RESORT'.

We drove inside the area. YES, we can see the beach, it is just few meters away from the car park. 

the moment we stepped down from the car, we saw this BIG COCONUT replica, and hey, we should take photos here for a remembrance right? what else the best you can bring home when you visiting other places than a good photographs that speak for itself, ngee.

then we headed out to the beach. 

it's a white sandy beach, the sea water is nice, and we saw a group of kids happily swimming. how I wished we brought spare clothes to swim too! and can picnic too.

however, the picnic areas not well-cleaned. we saw rubbish on the ground here and there. hope the public who come here will be more responsible to clean the area after using it. 

we saw there is a resort few steps away from this public beach, so we decided to go there to see if the place is worth to stay.

this is the main entrance, it is like a hallway to the main resort.
few rooms are located on the 1st floor 

this is the full view of the hallway
credit photo here

this is the open dining area or cafe,
it's clean and well maintained

a small pond in front of the open dining area / cafe

the garden and its surrounding is well maintained and clean

need to cross this small bridge to go over the other side of the resort

beside the 1st floor rooms, there are few more rooms located on the other section of the resort, this one with sea view

if anyone need to chill out but not under the sun, can use the hammock under the roof for relaxing 

a place for BBQ facing the sea

a beautiful land field

a hand-made raft from bamboo and a boat parked on the land

lil' Iman wanted to go inside the boat but we declined his request.
"Iman. it is not belong to mommy and daddy. we need permission to get into this boat ya"

I guess this is the boat to bring visitor to Pulau Tiga
I saw at the notice board, they have package to Pulau Tiga as well.

a wooden 'hall' suitable for a meeting or any family activities

the two little armies enjoying themselves playing with the sand

ok, let's check the beach


I can't asked for more.
the beach is clean, the water is clear blue
and yes, the sky is stunning

"Iman, do you want to stay here for a day or two?"

"time to take bath, I see a big pool"

"can I go for a swim, mr.Husband?"

the farewell signboard

and another signboard 
(thank you for not buying turtle's egg)

after spending about 40 minutes around the Kg. Tempurung beach, we left the place. We asked a lady at the resort for the cost of staying overnite, and she told us the cost is RM250.00 per room that can accommodate 4 person including breakfast.

since we didn't enter any room to check the room area, so I googled for room photos of the resort.

so this is inside the room look like. photo credit here

and this is the entrance view of the resort.
this photos taken last year as per blogged by the blogger here
however, during our recent visit, there is a new community hall in front of the main entrance of this resort and oopss we didn't take any photos for the main entrance.

anyone who is looking a place to chill out far from any noise and busyness of city life, I think this is one of a good place for a GREAT ESCAPE. 


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