5 Reasons Why Branded Cooler Bags are the Perfect Promotional Gifts

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As the business world becomes increasingly competitive each day, companies must devise innovative and better ways to promote their brands. However, it can often prove a tall order to find promotional gifts that are both practical and memorable.

Fortunately, businesses can use branded cooler bags for their promotions and effectively create awareness of their brands because they tick all the boxes needed to be a good promo item. Cooler bags combine functionality, brand visibility and a positive brand association, rendering them one of the best choices for promoting businesses of all sizes. 

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Below are some reasons why businesses should consider branded cooler bags for their promotional needs:

They are highly versatile

One of the things that businesses should aim at when looking for promotional gifts is finding items that have many uses and prove useful in people’s daily lives. The good news is that branded cooler bags are both versatile and offer great utility to their recipients.

People use cooler bags to carry their lunch to the office, and for packing their food and drinks for outdoor activities like picnics and other many events. This way, branded cooler bags can cater to a number of different needs. As such, they are put to frequent use meaning they create high brand visibility and maximize the brand exposure.

Branded cooler bags create positive brand association

It is common for people to associate brands with some things and emotions. For cooler bags, people usually associate them with fun, outdoor activities and leisure. When you give out branded cooler bags, you make people subconsciously associate your brand with those positive emotions. Therefore, the use of these tools for promotion creates a favourable brand image and at the same time fosters brand loyalty in the minds of those who receive cooler bags as promo items.

They are walking billboards

While print and electronic adverts are static promotional adverts, branded cooler bags are walking adverts. It should not be a surprise to find your company’s logo conspicuously displayed on a cooler bag with someone at the beach, in a retail shop check out, in a park during a picnic and in other places.

The beauty of cooler bags is that they are portable and people carry them far and wide, making them reach many people of diverse backgrounds. Thus, branded cooler bags are walking advertisements that create massive brand awareness every time they are used.

Cooler bags are easy to customize

Another thing that makes branded cooler bags one of the best promotional items is that they are easy to customize. If you want to use them for your company’s promotional needs, you can choose cooler bags of different sizes, materials and designs to match your needs and budget.

For a more cost-effective option, you can consider a more compact cooler bag, especially for professionals to use to carry their lunch. You may also opt for a bigger, feature-rich cooler bag if you want to have a premium offering. Also, you can personalise these promo items by incorporating your brand logo, marketing message, or slogan to make them unique and memorable.

They are durable

Branded cooler bags are made to last a long time and don’t wear out after just a few uses. This means your brand continues enjoying exposure and positive association without incurring extra costs. Thus, cooler bags are cost-effective in the long run because of repeated brand exposure without additional cost and are valuable to their recipients because of their long life.


Branded cooler bags are some of the best promotional tools because they are versatile and practical, create positive brand associations, and are easy to customize and durable. You should consider them for your business promotion, and ensure you buy them from reputable suppliers to get quality bags that will make your brand gain a positive image and be held in high regard by all those who receive and see them.


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