Traditional Vs Modern Shapewear: Key Differences

The debate is real, and as a regular customer, you should know the key differences. The current shapewear industry has come a long way since its start. But the goal was the same: to make life easier and stylish for women. Also, the means and materials have evolved.

Materials and Fabrics

Traditional Shapewear:

  • The previous shapewear was generally made from rigid, non-breathable fabrics. Most of them include corsetry materials. So, compared to current options, traditional shapewear could be uncomfortable. At that time, the common materials included boning, heavy lace, and stiff elastics. Although they provide strong compression, they offer less flexibility.

Modern Shapewear

  • Most current shapewear uses advanced fabrics, such as spandex, nylon, and latex. Waistdear is the platform that offers advanced shapewear using these materials. You can explore wholesale shapewear collections that are stretchy, breathable, and lightweight. They even offer a comfortable fit while you get effective compression.

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Design and Construction

Traditional Shapewear

  • If you look at traditional options, they're focused on most compression. They usually had designs like corsets, girdles, and longline bras. So, most of them included laces, hooks, and boning for structure. It means you cannot move with ease and even feel bulky. There were comfortable options for women who went through surgeries.

Modern Shapewear

  • In current shapewear, brands are focusing more on comfort and versatility. You can now find seamless designs, adjustable straps, and multi-way configurations. Moreover, modern pieces include high-waist shorts, bodysuits, and camisoles. They're designed to move with the body. Unlike modern shapewear, you would not find many shapewear for new mothers in the past. Now, wholesale fajas available at Waistdear, specifically designed collections for postpartum.

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Functionality and Purpose

Traditional Shapewear

  • In the past, shapewear was more focused on creating a dramatic hourglass figure. They often provide waist cinching and bust support. So, we can say that the purpose was more about altering the body's natural shape. They were not thinking about enhancing it with time.

Modern Shapewear

  • But, the modern shapewear industry aims to improve the natural body shape. You will get smooth lines and support. We have a range of shapewear for various purposes. At Waistdear, you can find shapewear for the tummy, thighs, and back.

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Comfort and Usability

Traditional Shapewear

  • The traditional shapewear could be uncomfortable because of its rigidity and heavy materials. So, it was often difficult for women to put on and take off. In fact, they were requiring help in some cases. Many women were not comfortable wearing traditional shapewear for longer periods.

Modern Shapewear

  • Comfort is the top priority of the current shapewear brands. They design shapewear for ease of use and all-day comfort. Thus, you can find lightweight and breathable materials. It means you can wear modern shapewear for long periods without discomfort. Moreover, seamless designs also prevent irritation.

These are a few key differences which you should know. Nothing against traditional shapewear, but modern options have more to offer. So, make sure you choose the right brand for yourself.


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