Preparing for Christmas with Teenage Foster Children

A Christmas with foster children can be great fun. But many foster families find that while young children embrace the magic and enjoy the season, older children and teenagers can find things more difficult. If you are fostering teens this Christmas, you might find that they miss their families,
become withdrawn, and find the occasion overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you prepare for Christmas with teenage foster children, to help you enjoy the holidays, and to make the event special for your foster family.

Talk About Expectations

Before thinking about your Christmas celebrations, sit down with your foster children to discuss the occasion. Ask what they are expecting and what they are comfortable with, and make sure they
know what to expect.

Ask About Their Traditions and Favourite Things

Younger children might not have many memories of past holidays, but teenagers will. A special Christmas for them might always include some of the same things, such as decorating the tree, opening presents or enjoying a meal or tradition. There might be elements of the holidays that they
love and others they’d rather avoid. Instead of just imposing your holiday traditions on them, ensure you include all of the things they love. This will help to make them feel like part of your family.

Give Them a Chance to Ask Questions

These conversations also allow your foster children to ask questions about your Christmases and what they like to do. Ensure you give them time to ask questions and are honest with them. If there’s anything that you are struggling to answer, you have questions of your own, or you need
more information and advice, you can get help from

Monitor Their Mood

In the run-up to the holidays, it’s normal for teens to become withdrawn or overwhelmed. Monitor their mood, and if you notice changes, consider toning things down.

Keep Things Small

If this is a foster child’s first Christmas with you, you should keep things small instead of having a huge family Christmas. A low-key Christmas at home is often the best way to make everyone more comfortable.

Make a To-Do List Together

Sit down together and write a list of things they want to do over the season. This could include things like ice skating or visiting family, but quieter things like baking cookies and watching Christmas films too.

Enjoy Some Outdoor Activities

Getting outdoors can be good for your family’s mental health and well-being. It also allows you to bond away from distractions and to get some exercise and fresh air. Try to fit in some winter walks, and if it snows, enjoy sledging and building snowmen.

Be Open to Change

If you are used to big family Christmases, make sure you are open to change if your foster teenager wants a quieter Christmas. Work together to create an occasion that you can all enjoy. While you might be excited for the holidays, remember that it can all be overwhelming for a foster child. Take your time to talk to them, and do your best to avoid overwhelming them, even if it means
making some changes to your plans.


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