HONOR Magic 5 5g Review

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HONOR Magic 5 5g Review


Still using your old 4g phone? If yes, then it is high time to switch to a 5g phone. And wait, if you are worrying about the expense and all, we are here to guide you to get the best 5g phone at reasonable pricing. 

Yes, HONOR Magic 5 5g is the phone you have been looking for. This phone is made with expertise and keeping in mind all the latest features that a smartphone must possess. Let us just get through the functioning and performance of this phone, along with a special mention of its specifications.

Honor Magic 5- An overview.

All the newest releases by Honor have been amazing, and now it is the turn of Honor Magic 5 to spread its magic in people's hearts. Honor Magic 5 release was announced a month before, and now its release date is approaching there are so many things about this phone that have got us all excited about this release.

The most important thing to mention about this smartphone is that it supports 5g. This is the highlighted and most talked about feature of this smartphone.

The smartphone weighs around 191 g, and the best thing about it is that the back of the phone is made of eco-friendly leather, and the front is made of glass. A screen refresh rate of 120Hz and display brightness of 1600 nits are the features of this phone that make it a flagship phone. The OLED screen, which is 6.73 inches, gives a full-view display.

Talking about the camera, the rear camera is 54 MP (2160p) and is triple. This triple camera at the back of the phone further adds to the beauty of this smartphone. On the other hand, the front camera is 12 MP, and both cameras give HDR effects to the pictures, with the rear camera giving LED and panorama effects.

A 12GB RAM and Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 are also top features of this smartphone. The smartphone has a loudspeaker with stereo speakers that deliver clear and loud sounds.

Honor Magic 5 5g:

Honor Magic 5 has enabled 5g support for the users. This is the most desired feature of a smartphone. The 5G bands available in this phone are 1, 3, 5, 8, 28, 38, 41, 77, and 78 SA/NSA. This 5G is better than all the network's speeds. This 5 G-supported feature of the Honor Magic 5 makes people wait for this smartphone.


With all these features and the 5g network, this smartphone is priced at a very affordable range. However, the phone is yet to release, and as per reports, it is seen that this smartphone is not highly-priced even with its elite features.

Honor has made its name in the digital market by producing quality smart devices at reasonable pricing.

Wrap up:

A short yet informative review on HONOR Magic 5 5g is all about this blog. The 5g network supporting the ability of this smartphone makes this a dream smartphone for everyone, and it is considered a flagship phone by Honor as well.


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