A Guide to the Different Types of European Baby Formulas on the Market

The American baby formula shortage made parents look for baby food in other markets. At that time, European brands managed to go on producing baby formulas in the required amount. American parents were lucky to find retailers and websites that officially sold European baby formula that had great success in Europe and abroad. How do you choose the best baby formula? This guide can help you select the best formula from Europe.

A Guide to the Different Types of European Baby Formulas on the Market

Choose the Required Stage

European brands like Holle, HiPP, Kendamil, and Jovie make baby formula for different age groups. As a rule, you can see the following labels on the pack:

  • 0+ (newborns)

  • 1 (newborns and 6+ months)

  • 2 (6-12 months)

  • 3 (12+ months)

  • 1+ (12-20 months)

  • 2+ (24 months)

Each stage has the required amount of nutrients, so creating a good and safe baby feeding schedule
is easy. Usually, babies need to eat every three hours. If babies cannot refuse from night feedings and baby formulas because of health problems, stages 2+ and 3+ fit this purpose best.

The Available Types of European Baby Formula

The European baby food market is famous for the available variety of organic baby formulas. They don’t have artificial colorants, flavors, preservatives, GMOs, pesticides, or antibiotics. Each ingredient is natural, and its safety is proven by responsible health organizations. Besides, organic food brands don’t use sweeteners and salt in their goods.

Thanks to organic formulas, a parent can choose the healthiest variant for a baby. What are the offered variants?

  1. Goat formula

  2. Cow formula

  3. Vegan formula 

The last formula type suits children who are intolerant to animal milk. This formula is made of hemp, almond, coconut, oat, or soy milk. Nevertheless, it is less nutritious than animal milk. That’s why parents should add lacking vitamins and minerals to the formula to guarantee the best nutrition.

The first formula type is the most chosen variant because it is easy to digest and causes fewer allergic reactions. For example, HiPP produces an organic hypoallergenic formula for intolerant babies. American parents often try to get it online because this formula helps babies avoid allergies and colics.

The second formula can be 1-3 stages and anti-reflux. The last one helps babies who regurgitate frequently. This formula has fewer calories and is rich in macro and microelements.

Discuss the Choice with Health Experts

One should better not select the baby formula without recommendations of pediatricians who know their patient's needs. They test a baby's blood to reveal intolerance (if there's any) and suggest the best variants for a particular infant.

The good idea is to buy transition kits. For example, brands add stage 3 packs to the stage 2 formula when delivering orders. Due to that, parents have time to order new stage formula to guarantee the best nutrition for their babies. Besides, such packs cost less, like in the wholesale market. One can buy formulas from dependable European brands, such as HiPP Formula, Holle, Kendamil, Lebenswert Bio, and BebeM.


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