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With the weather in Malaysia getting hotter and hotter, it is quite impossible to live without an aircon. However, a brand new unit of aircon could be really expensive for some to own. 

Secondhand aircon would be a more affordable option for those who wish to own an aircon on a budget. Before turning in for a secondhand aircon, there are a few things to be cautious of. A secondhand aircon should be purchased only with a reliable dealer.

buy secondhand aircond
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Whether you want to trade in a secondhand aircon or buy it, I would recommend this secondhand aircond company. This company has been dealing with secondhand aircons for more than a decade. 

Based on my personal experience, I inquired about the pricing and procedure for trading in my old aircond in hope to purchase a new unit with the latest design. Then, the dealer arranged a visit to my aircon site to check out the aircon model as well as its functionality carefully. 

The dealer had also obtained all the aircon particulars from me including the date of purchase, frequency of use, history of repair etc. After that, the trade-in fee was proposed and I immediately agreed as it is indeed a good price for me. As such, I successfully traded-in my aircon and topped up only a small amount to get my desired new unit.

As for those looking for a secondhand aircondI would also recommend purchasing from they are experienced in collecting secondhand aircons that are still in good quality and condition. 

They also have a team of experienced technicians to repair and renew the secondhand aircon. Not only that, they are selling the secondhand aircons at affordable prices, what’s more these come with warranty from the dealer. After seeing the procedure they had done with my trade-in, I have more confidence knowing that they only sell value for money secondhand aircons.


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  1. Alangkah bestnya kalau company ni ada branch di KK... We've got a few old airconds hihihi.


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