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Residential Home Air-Cond Services

Most of the residential homes have aircon nowadays. Some may use aircon occasionally while many use aircon everyday especially during hot seasons. As an electrical equipment that provides cooling comfort, aircon needs to be serviced regularly in order to function efficiently without breaking down easily. 

There are various companies offering aircon service, however, not all of them are suitable or competent. Choosing the right service team can save us lots of time and money besides able to continue enjoying the air conditioning for years to come.

Residential Home Air-Conditioning Services

My family has been using the residential home aircon service from this company for many years. The team provides excellent services by reaching on time and conducting aircon service in a timely manner after an appointment is scheduled. 

Besides that, they have excellent customer service whereby follow up will be conducted to check if the aircon is functioning well. We need not to worry about forgetting to service our aircon regularly as the service team keeps a good record of our aircon service status and gives timely service reminders.

Not only that, the workers are professionally trained and always ensure the cleanliness of the work site during and after the service work. This allows us to continue doing our stuff at home without very much being disturbed. 

During the aircon service, the worker also inspects the aircon thoroughly to ensure all parts are functioning well. Only spare parts with problems that we will get a reminder to replace them. On top of that, we can purchase the aircon spare parts from this company directly at a reasonable price. This really saves us a lot of time and money.

We strongly recommend the holistic aircon services from this company to relatives and friends. You could easily get their services by contacting the customer service at 017 332 0897 or drop an email (nhn@airconmalaysia.com )  they reply instantly.


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  1. Ohh great! Keeping this contact now so next time I can use for my aircind service, thanks for recommending. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing

  2. Bagus ada servis aircond ni memang ramai dah guna sekarang ni kan

  3. terbaiklah ada servis aircond macam nih, kalau dekat boleh ambil servis nih

  4. suami pun kerja servis aircond .. kalau tak.service mau tiap2 tahun kena beli aircond baru ..eeee


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