How To Save A Life: 7 Life-Saving Skills Everyone Should Learn

Being able to save someone’s life (or indeed your own life) in an emergency may require certain knowledge and skills. While there are many great sources of information on the internet that we can quickly look up, it’s often better to have this knowledge at the back of our mind so that we can act quickly. Below are just a few life-saving skills that could be worth learning. 

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How to resuscitate someone who isn’t breathing

If someone is unconscious and not breathing, knowing CPR could save their life. This involves using chest compressions and assisted breathing to help get blood and oxygen flowing and restart the heart. Even if you can’t get their heart pumping again, performing CPR is likely to increase their chance of being resuscitated when the paramedics arrive. Courses such as are a great way to learn CPR. 

How to help someone who is choking

Just how do you help someone who is choking? A common way to dislodge the object is to lean the person over slightly and hit them firmly on the back with your palm several times. If the still aren’t able to cough up the object, the Heimlich manoeuvre (abdominal thrusts) is the next best solution. You can learn how to do the Heimlich manoeuvre here

How to stop heavy blood loss

If you or someone else is bleeding heavily, knowing how to control bleeding could be an essential skill worth learning. There are ways to restrict bleeding (such as raising a limb that is bleeding) and ways to stop it completely (such as applying pressure on the wnullound). Knowing how to put on a bandage could be a vital skill worth learning. 

How to escape a burning building

There are many dos and don’ts when safely escaping a burning building. For example, you should stay low and crawl if there’s smoke, and you should close doors behind you if possible to stop the spread of the fire. While serious building fires are relatively rare, they can be fatal for those that don’t know how to safely act - guides such as this one offer some useful advice that could save you if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

How to break a car window

Being able to escape a car during an accident could be a vital skill to learn - particularly if the car is sinking in water or on fire. You may not be able to open doors or roll down windows, in which case you’ll need to know how to break a car window to get out. Car windows are pretty tough but there is a simple hack you can rely on using your car headrest. Such headrests are almost always detachable and have metal pegs at the bottom - jam these into the bottom of the window between the seal and the glass and pull the headrest towards you to shatter the window. 

How to survive a rip current

Many people who drown in the sea near the shore do so because they get caught in rip currents. The natural instinct is to swim directly to the shore or against the rip current, but this is often impossible and will use up any energy you have. Instead, try to go with the current and try to escape diagonally. There are guides online that can help teach you exactly what to do in a rip current

How to find clean water in the wild

While there are many survival skills that can be useful to learn if you ever get lost in the wilderness, however one of the most important skills is being able to source clean water. Staying hydrated is essential - humans cannot go more than three days without water. There are lots of sources online that can teach you how to find clean water or how to filter it if necessary. 


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