What Are the Different Sizes of Jet Bath Spas?

What are the different sizes of jet bath spas? Must we first understand the various components of jet bath spas? In a jet bath spa, one of the first things you may want to determine is the size you need. There are several different jet bath spas on the market, and it's essential to find the right size to fit your needs and budget.

For example, if you want more room to stretch out and relax, an 8-person spa might be right for you, but if you want something smaller that still gives you that jet spa experience without taking up too much space, then a 4-person hot tub might be better suited to your needs.

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Why Size Matters

Jet bath spas come in various sizes. Here's a guide on determining which one is right for you and your home. For safety reasons and to avoid overloading electrical circuits or water lines, it's crucial that your jet bath spa be sized correctly. The best option is to get a licensed plumber or electrician if you are unsure how much power or water pressure you have available in your home.

Jet bath spas typically need between two and three GPM gallons per minute per jet-set and 1-2 GPM for circulation depending on the distance from pump filter to jet-set elevation above sea level and general water hardness. If you don't know how many jets your jet bath spa has, figure one rush per person who will often use it. A jet bath spa with five jets would require about 10 GPM at low flow. A jet bath spa with four jets would require about 8 GPM at low flow.

Petite Pools

Petite jetted tubs usually measure around 31 x 38, making them one of the minor options available. These tubs tend to feature fewer jets and water features than other models. A petite jetted bath is probably your best bet for a smaller bathroom or those with smaller budgets. It's important to note that many little tubs don't have built-in seats in these cases.

It might be worth looking into getting an aftermarket seat designed specifically for your spa. Having a heart means you can hop in and relax without trying to balance yourself on top of your jets. If you're interested in buying a petite jetted tub, we recommend checking out our guides to purchasing freestanding and alcove spas.

The alcove guide will help you figure out what size tub will fit in your space, while our freestanding guide helps give you information about how much power each model has and how loud they are.

Small Spaces

An inflatable hot tub might be your best option if you live in a small home or apartment. These units are compact enough to sit comfortably in any room and can be inflated quickly by almost anyone. There are some downsides to inflatable tubs, however. While they come with jets like other models, smaller spaces mean fewer jets.

They also tend to have cheaper amenities, like lighting and lower-end interior materials. If you can sacrifice a bit on those features or live in a larger space where you can accommodate a full-size tub, it may make sense to choose a larger model instead. You'll get more for your money in most cases. The last thing to consider is whether you want a freestanding or portable spa.

The difference is that portable spas must be filled manually, while freestanding tubs come with pumps that automatically fill them up as needed.

Standard or Large Jetted Tubs

Jetted bathtubs can typically be broken down into standard or large. The standard size ranges between 5 and 6 feet long, while large baths can be anywhere from 6 to 8 feet. To get a better idea of which, you might prefer to sit inside a full-size bathtub full length and then in an old tub replaced for comparison purposes.

If you like more room to move around, you'll probably want to go with a larger bath spa size. But if you need something to soak your tired muscles after a hard day at work, a smaller tub may do just fine. Just remember that jetted tubs are not designed to comfortably accommodate more than one person.

The depth of a jetted bathtub is also essential to consider when making your selection. Standard rushed tubs are generally between 16 and 18 inches deep, while large jets are 20 inches deep or more profound.

Which Size is Best for Me?

Spa companies often sell jet bath spas in different sizes. The most common are three, four, and five-person models. But how do you know which size is best for you? It can be challenging to answer because everyone's needs are different. You decide which jet bath spa size is right for you and your family, including space available in your home, the number of people who will use it, and where you will put it after installation. 

If the cost is high, you go with a smaller model that fits your budget. However, if cost isn't an issue, it may make sense to buy a larger model so that more people can enjoy it or that there's room for other features like waterfalls or whirlpools.


Small jet bath spas are great for narrow spaces, while large jet bath spas are made for households with multiple bathrooms. More oversized jet bath spas can comfortably fit two people and various jets, making them ideal for use by children or adults. Check the different jet bath spa sizes.

We also have a chart that shows how often specific jets operate to give you an idea of what it feels like to use your new tub. Just click on any product to see its description page. You'll find detailed information on each model, including dimensions and warranty details. After reading all of these resources, feel free to contact us if you still have questions.


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