Make a Splash with Custom Shower Curtains

Keep your bathroom with the custom shower curtains. These attractive curtains can be designed to match any decor, making the perfect gift.

It is easy to find something that will bring elegance and style to your bathroom with minimal cost or effort. When you shop with a company that offers custom shower curtains, you have the power to design precisely what you want without any limitations or extra fees.

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Create your designer shower curtain

Custom shower curtains are an excellent way to add extra pizzazz to your bathroom. One of the best things about these curtains is that you can complete them. Personalize them to fit your specific tastes and preferences. You have complete control over what color your curtain is, what it looks like, what patterns it has on it, etc.

You make your bathroom feel more unique than everyone else's. Custom shower curtains are one of your best options. Plus, they help create a spa-like environment in your bathroom while also making it easier to look at yourself in front of that mirror every morning.

The Golden Rules of Curtain Design

A shower curtain should be transparent enough to let light. It also shouldn't clash with your bathroom decor. To achieve both goals at once, look for curtains that use a combination of colors such as white and purple or red and yellow. Use embroidery to add details like flowers or animals, which will make your room feel more unique and cozy.

Choose material that lets some light through. Adding custom embroidery is great for giving your curtains personality. Ensure they allow some light through so you don't have to turn on overhead lights every time you enter or exit your shower. You can better understand how well your curtains block out light by hanging them up before buying them.

If the stores are near you and sell shower curtains, take advantage of their return policy, hang them up at home and see how much natural light comes through during different times. Take measurements. Your shower curtain should cover all four sides of your tub or stall without draping over onto adjacent walls.

You Need to Know Some Things

  • First, realize that curtains are a big purchase, typically at least as big as your most significant piece of furniture. Treat them like any other major purchase, and don't skimp on quality. The average lifespan of shower curtains is one year for every $1 spent.

  • Second, keep it simple Your shower curtain doesn't need to be fancy. It should function well, no dripping water down your bathroom walls, and look fantastic with minimal design.

  • Third, make sure you use your curtain. If it's too difficult to pull on and off or doesn't fit properly, you won't use it, and that defeats its purpose.

  • Fourth, think about what else will be in your bathroom when you buy shower curtains. If you have kids or pets or if someone is particularly clumsy, then consider getting a waterproof curtain that can handle some wear and tear.

Nautical Bathroom Decorating Ideas

Nautical decor is all about sticking to one theme and carrying it throughout your home. It's also about repurposing everyday objects into something that represents style and comfort. The key to nautical style is simple, so you don't need many accessories to get started.

A few carefully chosen items can turn your bathroom into a spa-like retreat, the kind you want to stay in all day long When it comes to creating a nautical vibe. Think less frou-frou and more incredible, clean lines. So, you can easily create your nautical haven at home.

Start by hanging up a colorful set of towels that coordinate. Adding accessories like soap dishes, robe hooks, or even shoe holders will give your shower an added touch of class. To further enhance the feel of being on a boat at sea, hang up a couple of life preservers that make it appear as though you're always ready for adventure.

20 Fabulous Colors For Your Next Bathroom Remodel

If you want to give your bathroom an updated look, replacing an existing shower curtain is one way to do it. When you choose custom shower curtains, your design options are virtually endless. From chevron stripes to tropical flowers, there's no limit to what you can do with a bit of creativity and some fabric paint.

We found 20 fabulous shower curtain designs to make your bathroom stand out. We love how many of these feature bright colors and fun patterns. To see more inspiring examples, check out our gallery of Design Ideas For Bathrooms on Pinterest.

It doesn't have to mean making a huge commitment in terms of color. Just think about adding green or red accessories. This simple striped curtain features bold white stripes against green and would work well in any modern space.

Add Texture With Fabric Tiebacks

Another option is adding window valances that complement your curtain. It can be done by matching colors or choosing complimentary colors like red, white, and blue for a patriotic look. You can find tiebacks in fabrics such as cotton linen and burlap and jute or straw.

Browse specialty home stores for new ideas for customizing your shower curtain. There are many creative ways to make a statement in your bathroom. Tiebacks and window treatments can help complete your design theme. The most common types of curtains are drapes, shades, blinds, shutters, and panels.

These will block light and let you see outside without being seen from outside. They are perfect if you have windows where people can see inside while others cannot see out during nighttime hours when it's dark outside. They're also ideal if children sleep during daylight hours while adults need their rest at nightfall.


In conclusion, custom shower curtains are an exciting, adventurous way to bring out your unique side and sense of style. Explore your options before deciding which type of curtain best suits your space and taste.

Whether you want one solid color or some fun splashes of complementary colors, don't limit yourself when it comes to shower curtains. And remember to stick with soft, flexible vinyl if you plan on handwashing them regularly.


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