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Create Beautiful Attention-Grabbing Video Invitation With These Simple 8 Steps

Gone are the days when postcards, emails, and SMSs were the norm to send invitations. The world is becoming more and more advanced technologically, and we see its effects even in our daily life. The Covid pandemic has made it impossible to interact physically with anyone. So, now society is steadily moving towards digital invitations. 

Among digital invitation types, video invitations are the most popular ones. Video invitations offer a great way to interact with the guests, and the host can also share all the event details in one go. So, if you have an event around the corner and want to impress your guests with exciting invitation videos, you are at the right place. Here we will tell you the recipe for making a beautiful, attention-grabbing video invitation in 8 simple steps. Moreover, you can find several invitation maker software on the internet to help you with the process pretty quickly. 

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Why you should send a video invitation: 

  • It's in the trend: 

Not all trends are cliche; some of them are tempting too. While the traditional written invitations were informative and the drawings have made them loveable, videos are innovative. Besides, videos coupled with music, images, and written messages better engage your guests. 

  • A personal touch: 

Video invitations allow the host to add a personal touch while extending invites. It may further increase participation in the event, as guests are more likely to be a part of the event with a more engaging video. 

  • People associate with videos easily: 

Videos coupled with sound are an excellent medium for the audience to associate themselves. Any host expects to attract most of their guests to the event, and video invitations are the best medium to attract guests to the event. Here, great video content with entrancing music can distinguish between a dull attendance or a full-packed event. 

Moreover, videos are easier to remember than text messages. So, other than serving as an invitation tool, videos can also serve as a reminder for a memorable day. Interestingly, video invitations are for life compared to traditional invitations on paper. While the text on paper gets dissolved after some time, videos can be saved for a lifetime. 

  • Faster way of execution: 

Traditional invitation methods are slow, and it also takes much time from the host's end. However, video invitations don't require you to be physically present for inviting guests. Hosts can prepare videos and send them within seconds to their guests through online mediums. Moreover, guests would also love video invitations instead of texts. 

  • Online RSVP

With video invitations, one can reply instantly to the invitations with their smartphone. This will also give a rough idea of the number of people attending the event and plan accordingly. 

  • Eco-friendly way: 

Sending video invitations also save paper as the traditional invitations were printed mainly on paper. Apart from being creative and saving paper, video invitations also save the planet from the pollution of files. There needs to be a medium to hand out the cards personally. 

  • In Budget: 

Invitation videos also don't dent your Budget as they are created digitally, so there is no need to hire a designer. Online invitation maker can help you get the work done in minimum time and within budget as well. Moreover, with invitation videos, there isn't any fuel consumption, so it's also an economical way in addition to saving the planet. 

Steps to create an invitation video:

invitation maker

Creating an invitation video doesn't require video editing or graphics designing. Anyone can do it with a smartphone or a computer. There are more than enough invitation maker tools available online. All it needs is to pick a template suitable for the event, then add some images and messages, that's all. Let's break down, creating video invitations into 8 simple steps. 

  1. Pick a template: 

The template is the essential requirement for creating an invitation video, and it is the main game changer also. It's the template that is noticed first, so pick it accordingly. With every online video maker website, templates are freely available which can be chosen to show the event theme. For example, a balloon-themed template would be best; similarly, picking a love theme would be wise for engagements or marriage. 

  1. Tell a story: 

People love stories, and you can also use stories while making the invitation videos, as it will give a personal touch to the video. For a birthday event, you can make a collage of images of the child in ascending order, including pictures of childhood. Or, for a marriage ceremony, adding a glimpse of memorable moments will make the guests attached to the couple emotionally and compelled to join the event. 

  1. Images are always relevant: 

Whether a physical invitation card or a digital one, images are always a part of the invitation. So, customizing the invitation video with images is a good idea to implement. Additionally, adding stock images is also an excellent idea to work upon, depending on the type of event. 

  1. Give a personal touch with messages: 

While invitation videos may be the trend, people love to be noticed and feel important. That's why it's better to add a personalized message for guests on how important they are and their presence in the event. Online invitation makers have several beautiful fonts that make the invitation much more stylish. After adding the personalized message, add the event details like occasion, date, time, and the place of the event. 

  1. Music is the key: 

 After giving the event's details, it's time to add some music to the invitation video. The music and audio would provide the flow of the video. In addition to light music in the background, one can add personalized messages in their voice. While the background music will set the tone for the event, a voice message rolling out about the event would be an excellent idea. The online invitation maker platforms have a range of pre-recorded music and voices according to the occasion that can be used. 

  1. Add some special effects: 

Using the editing feature of invitation-making applications, one can easily add special effects to entice the videos. Moreover, using online video editors to add animated effects, text styles, and filters could be the other option if the invitation-making platform lacks some features. These effects can be pretty easy to apply, but they make the videos more amazing to watch. 

  1. Keep the details for the end: 

Once done with adding the images, music, messages, and everything else, it's time to roll out the essential details. In making the innovation videos alluring, it's better not to say the most important information at the start. So, add the event details at the end of the video. 

  1. Give it a good end: 

The finishing touches and the end of the video are important too. Finish the video with something that can make the guests smile, like adding a funny clip of the child birthday invitations. 

Before sharing the invitation, proofreading is essential; check every detail. One needs to watch the videos to see how the added effects are running and more revisions. If not, it's time to send out the video invitation. 


Video invitations are the best way to extend an invitation these days, no matter the occasion. Creating video invitations are much easier with online tools and many of them. Moreover, most of these tools are free to use, so one can freely practice by making random clips.

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