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Rising Trend of Breastfeeding in Malaysia and the Lack of Facilities

Breastfeeding. Why is it always looked at as something sexual and abnormal for a process that is so natural, especially now where breastfeeding is one of the rising trends in our society?

Most mothers today are more inclined to breastfeed their children as they understand the health benefits that breastfeeding poses to themselves and their babies. However, most often these mothers are working and have to do most things on-the-go, but they lack the proper facilities or space to be able to feed their babies or pump milk whenever it is required.

Despite being in a modern era, mothers still must worry about societies perception and judgement on breastfeeding and pumping milk. They get side-eyed or harassed for doing it in public or not doing it appropriately to people's standards. Awareness needs to be created amongst Malaysians on breastfeeding and the importance of it, children, and the mothers themselves.

The Health Ministry’s National Plan of Action for Nutrition Malaysia (NPANM) is to ensure 100% initiation of breastfeeding within an hour of birth and at least 70% of babies are being breastfed during their first six months of life. To do so, the perception and judgement needs to be addressed to successfully achieve the 2025 goal, as many fail to realize mothers stop breastfeeding and pumping milk due to the lack of facilities and judgement by the society.

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Now, with the help of technology, various equipment's have been created to ease the process of pumping and breastfeeding, allowing mothers to multitask and not worry about being judged as the equipment's are handy and portable. Malish Malaysia a clinically-proven breast pump expert in Malaysia has a range of breastfeeding and breast pump products that was created to make breastfeeding easy and breezy.

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Malish products are lightweight, easy-to-use, silent, and portable. The right support is always needed when breastfeeding and Malish Malaysia aims to create a Community for Breastfeeding Mother’s.

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