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9 Tips for Keeping Your Child's Phone Safe

You just got your child a new phone, and now you're wondering how to keep it safe? Here are 9 ways that will help keep your child's phone safe.

tips for keeping your child phone safe
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1) Delete Phone Apps They Don't Use Often

If there are apps on their phone, they don't use, delete them from the home screen or uninstall them completely to reduce clutter. This will also help battery life which can be draining for older phones that need charging every night before bedtime!

2) Make A Schedule For Using The Phone

If you're like me, you want to limit your child's phone time. One way to do this is by making a schedule for using the phone. For example, they can use it on weekdays for an hour after school and then for an hour before bedtime. They can have more screen time on weekends, with two hours total on Saturday and three hours on Sunday.

3) Monitor Their Texts And Calls

It's important to see who your child is talking to and what they're saying. By monitoring texts and calls, you'll be able to tell if anyone is trying to take advantage of them or bully them. You can also set parental controls for certain numbers so only people on a pre-approved list can contact your child.

4) Install A Track App

Some apps can help you keep track of your child's location. This is helpful when they're not at school or in the house with you, especially if it gets too late and they haven't called to say they'll be home soon! Install the system of: find owner of cell phone number free

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5) Purchase A Screen Protector

This is a cheap and easy way to help protect your child's phone from scratches and cracks. A screen protector will also reduce glare, making it easier for them to see what's on the screen in direct sunlight.

6) Purchase A Case For The Phone

Cases for phones help protect the phone from damage in case it is dropped or gets wet. It also helps with grip so your child can hold onto their phone better and prevent them from falling on it!

7) Put Up Emergency Numbers On Their Phone

In case of an emergency, a locked phone can be an excellent place to store important numbers like 911 or poison control. You might also want to include information about allergies if your child needs help after eating something they're allergic to!

8) Set Up Data Restriction

You can limit how much data your child is allowed to use each month by going into their phone settings. This will help keep them from going over their monthly allowance and paying expensive overage fees.

9) Buy A Strap

If your child is prone to dropping their phone, getting a strap for it can help keep them from breaking the screen. It's also good if you want to restrict how long they hold onto their phone because straps are easy to put on and take off!

In conclusion, there are several ways that you can keep your child's phone safe. The most important thing to do is be open and honest with them about the dangers of technology and how they should use it responsibly.

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  1. At the moment memang belum bagi anak phone lagi. Tapi tips ni berguna untuk rujukan di masa hadapan. Sebaiknya ibu bapa memang kena kawal bila anak guna phone.

  2. Bagus tips yang dikongsikan... memandangkan anak saya dah umur 20 tetap juga pantau apa yg di tgk dekat hp... nnt boleh share dekat anak buah yg ada anak kecil.

  3. This is indeed a helpful sharing with good tips for me to practice on my little niece as I've observe she is getting attach to devices at her young age now. Cheers Siennylovesdrawing


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