The Five Stages of Sleep And Reasons To Prioritize Sleep

The Five Stages of Sleep

The Five Stages of Sleep.

Sleep allows our body to rejuvenate and restore itself. 

The functions of sleep is to clean the brain from toxins, physical restoration, improve mood regulation, strengthening the immune system, and helping for better information processing and memorization.

Lack of sleep could lead to anxiety and depression. Hence, make sleep a priority.

Stage #1 Drowsy

First 5-10 minutes of sleep cycle. This is the transition between wakefulness and sleep where the brain produces theta waves.

Stage #2 Light Sleep

Last about 20 minutes and your brain starts to produce rhythmic brain waves known as sleep spindles. Body temperature starts to decrease and heart rate slows down.

Stage #3 Moderate Sleep

Brain starts to produce deep and slower brain waves called delta waves.

Stage #4 Deep Sleep

A very deep sleep that lasts about 30 minutes. If prone to sleepwalking, it occurs during the end of this stage.

Stage #5 Rapid Eye Movement Sleep

Muscles become more relaxed while brain system is more active. Dreaming occurs during stage five because of the increase in brain activity and the temporary paralysation of voluntary muscles.

10 Reasons To Prioritize Sleep

  • Better memory
  • Better productivity
  • Prevents depression
  • Better physical performance
  • Lesser risk of obesity and weight gain
  • Better metabolism
  • Better heart health
  • Better immunity
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Improves psychological well being

So ensure you have enough sleep throughout the night and rest well to have a better tomorrow.

Stay healthy.


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