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How to Make The Perfect Healthy Smoothie


Make Healthy Smoothie

How to Make The Perfect Healthy Smoothie

Do you like to drink smoothie? How do you like your smoothie?

Smoothie is one of my favorite drink, especially using berries yogurt. And I prefer to make my own smoothie compared with the one I bought outside since I can control the sweetness of my drink.

I found this interesting guidelines how to make the perfect healthy smoothie.

The truth, I never know such guideline exist, and I always make my smoothie base on whatever ingredients I have in my kitchen. I do not really follow any rules in making healthy smoothie, as long as I like the taste and enjoy the drink, that is fine with me.

Added good information like this will help me to improve my knowledge and let's improvise in making the perfect healthy smoothie ya!

Let's roll over to see what's there to make one journey closer in making my perfect smoothie drink.

  • Choose liquid base 

- almond milk, coconut water, kefir, water, cold tea, cold coffee, etc

  • Choose veggies

- spinach, kale, carrots, cucumber, collard greens, swiss chard, celery, ect

  • Choose fruit

- berries, banana, mango, pineapple, oranges, kiwi, apple, dates, etc

  • Choose fat

- almond butter, coconut or flaxseed oil, avocado, cashew, pecans, etc

  • Choose thickener

- plain greek yogurt, flaxseed meal, chia seed, gelatin, protein powder, oats

  • Choose flavoring

- lemon, lime, ginger, mint, vanilla, cinnamon, honey, cacao powder, etc

  • Ice (optional)

- it is up to you to add the ice

So how do you make your healthy smoothie all these years?

As for me, this is how I make my yummy healthy smoothie

  • liquid base - cold water
  • veggies - often none, sometimes I pick cucumber / carrot
  • fruit - banana or dates is the easiest for me to have / get / buy
  • fat - always none, or thinking to use cashew 
  • thickener - berries yogurt and/or rolled oats
  • flavoring - lime or honey, but usually I add nothing for flavoring
  • Ice - always none

And one more thing, to mix all your smoothie ingredients, the simplest way is to use personal blender. Personal blender is very light, handy, and can be use up to 8 times after full charging. And it has safety lock as well. 

And this is 300ml per cup. Just a perfect amount per drink by per person. 

Interested to have this usb personal blender? Go ahead to this Shopee Seller, I bought my blender from this shop >>> https://shp.ee/ydan9vg

usb personal blender shopee 6 blades

This blender might not working if you do not follow the instruction (for safety purposes).

Happy juicing!


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