Diet : 15 Steps to A Clean Eating

15 Steps to A Clean Eating

 Diet : 15 Steps to A Clean Eating

Eat close to nature 
- Still thinking what's the connection with eating close to nature. Will this help with my clean eating?

No processed food
- Still trying my best to avoid processed food. This is NOT EASY PEASY since I depend with processed food whenever I have short time to make meal for family. Yeay, sometimes we do super duper busy right.

Cut out energy drinks / sodas
- Ok, I am done with this one.

Stop eating out
- Thanks Covid-19. Covid is the reason we all stop eating out (I mean we all is referred to my husband, kids and I)

No added sugar
- I cut down my sugar intake, but I still take sugar.

Eat whole grains/bread/pasta
- I take rolled oats, avoid any breads and buns, and now I take pasta instead of yellow noodles.

Swap dairy with plant based milk
- This is quite difficult for me since it's kinda pricey for plant based milk like almond milk, right?

Eat walnuts/flaxseed for omega-3 instead of fish
- Fish is our main source of protein, and fish is cheap to buy compared to walnuts/flaxseed. 

Replace meat in your dinner with beans / lentils / peas
- I only eat meat once or twice a year. And yes I love beans more than meat :))

Eat 3-5 servings of vegetables
- Still trying the best to meet this rules

Eat 2-3 servings of fruits
- I take fruits weekly, and still not meeting the rules of 2-3 servings of fruits daily

Cut out all animal products
- This is ridiculous (I think so)

Drink only water and herbal tea
- Ok, this one done.

Cut out oils
- Huh, never in my life to cut out oils. But yes, I do minimize the oil intake.

Buy organic
- It's expensive and always not meet my budget!

How about you all? Any idea how you want to clean eat?

Happy diet and I am still on my journey for #roadto60kg.


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