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50 Self Care Ideas For A Bad Day


50 Self Care Ideas For A Bad Day

50 Self Care Ideas For A Bad Day

Argh, having a bad day is something I dislike. But we are human, it is normal to have a bad day once in a while in our life.

When it comes, try not to get stress. Write down your feelings, list down what things that make your day is a bad day. It helps to clear your thoughts / feelings.

And here is 50 Self Care Ideas For A Bad Day you can try. Or else, do something you enjoy to make yourself happy.

Never avoid the situation that make your day a bad day, just face it , figure out / sort out things to overcome your bad day.

Drink herbal tea
Try affirmations
Write 10 things grateful for
Take a detox bath
Try a face mask
Breath deeply
Light your favorite candle
Watch a motivational Ted-talk
Walk in nature

Buy yourself flowers
Write 5 things you love
Make a vision board
Declutter 10 items
Read a personal growth book
Go for a long walk
Listen to your favorite music
Do something to laugh
Plan a getaway

Cook your favorite meal
Watch your favorite show
Have a night with friends
Do a brain dump
Go out for a date night
Do something new
Give yourself a manicure
Call or text someone you love
Do yoga poses
Listen to your favorite podcast

Spend time with someone inspiring
Do a spa day
Do a digital detox
Eat a salad or a smoothie
Go out in sunshine
Go to your favorite place
Take some pretty photos
Get a massage
Hug someone

Read inspirational quote
Put on nice clothes and make up
Watch the sunrise
Refresh your morning routine
Change your sheets
Diffuse essential oils
Do something nice for someone
Go out for a coffee

I wish everyone will always have a nice beautiful day.

In ups and downs. stay calm and think positive.

Take care and love yourself.


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  1. Very nice sharing the tips sis.. Insha Allah, the bad day will become a sunny day..

  2. Write things you are grateful for, listening to your favourite music and coffee! :)


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