Top Vegetarian Protein Sources For Weight Loss


Top Vegetarian Protein Sources For Weight Loss

Top Vegetarian Protein Sources

The expert says when you want to slim down or weight loss, you need to change your diet.

Low carbs with high protein is recommended. Never skip your food since it leads to crash diet later and it will ruin your diet plan.

So, if you are looking for protein sources in vegetables, here is the list of  Top Vegetarian Protein Sources.

Greek yogurts



Cottage cheese 

Hemps seeds

Chia seeds


Green peas


Peanut butter



You can do your own search to get more list , however you need to be realistic for which protein sources you want to take.

It is  not easy for me to buy quinoa since it is imported hence expensive, but source such as eggs is easy to get and the price is affordable. 

I believe all the protein sources are good but it is just the matter of are you afford to buy it and is it easy to get the item.

Never ruin your diet with food you want to get but you are not afford to buy or it is hard to get. Always look for food replacement but still provide the same benefits to your body.

Let's the diet journey continue for weight loss.

By then, please stay healthy.



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