The Reason Why You Are Not Losing Fat


The Reason Why You Are Not Losing Fat

The Reason Why You Are Not Losing Fat

There are so many reason why it is hard to lose weight.

But one thing for sure, if you do not control your calorie intake , you are on the long journey fighting for weight lose.

Controlling your calorie by reducing your food intake, you are still need to ensure few other things to smoothen the weight loss journey.

And here are some of the reason why you are not losing fat  :-

  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not taking enough fiber 
  • Dehydrated
  • Taking too much oils in the meals
  • Taking insufficient protein
  • Doing too much cardio and enough resistance training
  • Eating a lot of high calorie healthy foods
  • Roughly estimating your calories
  • Eating too much processed carbs and sugar 

I am still trying my best to cut the processed carbs in my meal, and still learning to eat healthy and eat clean.

I hope I manage to lose weight in a healthy way.


Stay healthy and stay beautiful everyone.


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